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Techinline Remote Desktop Offers Internet Browser Based Teleportation

The Remote Desktop Service to Totally Change the Way You Communicate with Your Clients


Berkshire, England, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/04/2006 --Techinline Limited today announces the release of Techinline Remote Desktop, enjoyably user-friendly, 100% secure and reliable remote access service which can dramatically improve the way you communicate with your customers or peers. With Techinline Remote Desktop, you need just a couple of clicks to create a remote assistance service, which becomes available for your clients the very next second. All they need to do is open a link in their browsers and be ready for your high quality real-time assistance experience right on their desktops.

Techinline Remote Desktop doesn’t stop at offering mere remote system's desktop viewing. It gives you access to full keyboard input and mouse control. What’s more, the service works both ways – you are not only able to get control over your client’s desktop, but you can also share your own desktop with your clients, allowing them to access information on your desktop and enable them to use mouse and keyboard input.

With Techinline Remote Desktop, you’ll never have to worry about resolution, or color setting issues, thanks to the auto scroll feature and color unification introduced in the program. Techinline Remote Desktop will help you show on the desktop whatever you might need (a photo, the way some application works, etc.). It allows you to host a live presentation or a training session just as if you and your client were working at the same computer! Another advantage of Techinline Remote Desktop is absolute absence of any special software to install on your PC or your client’s. All you need is a browser and Internet access.

Techinline Limited puts their users privacy and security in the first place, that is why all data of the session, visual and control, is encrypted with 128-bit SSL encryption and is transmitted via secure HTTPS protocol, which is a recognized standard for sensitive data transfer over the web. HTTPS protocol also requires no additional setup or configuration of any kind, which becomes an additional plus if you have a complex network access policy and don’t want to fight with your firewall to have a full-featured remote access service. On the user side, the service is backed up by the Internet Explorer ActiveX plug-ins, which come signed by Comodo authority and are automatically installed in a way, common to any standard ActiveX control.

Techinline Remote Desktop makes this huge world smaller for the purpose of communication – communication between you and your clients. Whether your task is to bring your clients to your desktop or get yourself to theirs, Techinline Remote Desktop will take care of it!

Techinline Remote Desktop 30 Seconds Connection, 3 Easy Steps:

• Start Remote Desktop session
• Invite your client
• Connect the client to the session

Techinline Remote Desktop Usage Examples:

• Offer technical support/immediate assistance right on your user’s desktop
• Demonstrate the use of your products
• Guide your customers through your site for better buying opportunities
• Go over documents as if you were analizing printed versions of them
• Help your clients fill out different forms right on the spot
• And many, many more! Just let your imagination guide you.

Pricing and Availability
Techinline Remote Desktop runs under Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/2003 and costs from $29.95 (USD) to $119.95 (USD) if you choose Pay Per-Session Plan and only $19.95 (USD) if your choice is Unlimited Monthly Plan. You can also set up a full-featured free 7-day trial at:

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