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Qualicare Asks Local Businesses and Residents to Help Feed the Homeless for Holidays

QualiCare Commercial Cleaning, will be donating money and recruiting volunteers for Christmas to feed the homeless citizens of Fayetteville, and we challenge all Fayetteville businesses and residents to donate money, food, or clothing.


Fayetteville, NC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/04/2006 --As Christmas vastly approaches, there will be fortunate military and civilian families gathering to celebrate Christmas with their loved ones, with plenty of food on their tables. But what about the homeless Fayetteville citizens? that face tremendous stress and will gather at churches and food banks to share a Christmas meal with total strangers, as I witnessed them do on Thanksgiving, because they are the unfortunate people that local businesses and residents often ignore.

QualiCare provided 10 volunteers from Ft. Bragg to help feed the homeless for Thanksgiving at The Rescue Mission, located at 120 N. Cool Springs St. in Fayetteville.

Feeding the homeless is truly important, because I am from Washington, D.C. and have been homeless myself, so I believe this is a great opportunity for Fayetteville businesses and residents to share their good fortune with the less fortunate, in the same way that we support our U.S. troops at war around the world, according to Greg Nixon, General Manager of QualiCare Commercial Cleaning.

In view of the many homeless children and families that are often exposed to traumatic events, that often cause serious mental health problems, Greg Nixon feels that it is his company’s duty as a local owned business to donate money, recruit volunteers, and challenge all Fayetteville businesses and residents to donate money or food to feed the homeless for Christmas.

QualiCare Commercial Cleaning would like to make this a collaborative effort in which local businesses and residents come together for a worthwhile cause to feed the homeless for Christmas, and we will be asking all of our current clients to donate to this very special cause.

I believe that Fayetteville businesses and residents have enough love and compassion to support this worthy cause and rise to the challenge of feeding the homeless for Christmas.

QualiCare is dedicated to donating to the homeless and supporting The Rescue Mission, located at 120 N. Cool Springs St., because this mission feeds children and families of Fayetteville daily, and the homeless at least deserve a good meal for Christmas.

QualiCare will be working with different churches and civic organizations that now raise money and accept food donations to feed the homeless.

Says Greg Nixon,” We are working to create a deeper, more meaningful relationship with the homeless by listening to their concerns and providing them with resources that will aid them in their daily struggles.

Businesses, civic organizations, and citizens that are interested in being apart of this collaborative effort are asked to call QualiCare at (910) 826-4745

For more information about feeding the homeless.

Contact: Greg Nixon
910) 826-4745
or email us at: qualicarenow@yahoo.com

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Contact: Greg Nixon, QualiCare Commercial Cleaning, (910) 826-4745
Greg Nixon, QualiCare, (910) 527-4745, qualicarenow@yahoo.com