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Investment News: VoIP Growth Stock Company Continues Sales Growth And Market Expansion

Investment News Alert – VoIP growth stock company, Peopleline Inc. (Stock Symbol: PLLN) announces network expansion, strong sales growth and highly successful advertising campaigns producing increased awareness of both services and PLLN stock investment. At least 2 new VoIP retail store outlets will be opened in the early part of 2007. See


Vancouver, BC, Canada -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/05/2006 --In a stock investment news alert release, growth stock company, Peopleline Inc. (Stock Symbol: PLLN), has announced expansion of their VoIP Network services into 3 cities in the Greater Vancouver Region. See for more information.

Peopleline (Stock Symbol: PLLN) VoIP services sales are to be extended into the Canada cities of North Vancouver, Surrey and New Westminster by December 15 in response to growing demands. This will allow the company to cover approximately 90% of the close to 2 million people in the Region.

SUCCESSFUL ADVERTISING: The advertising and promotion of Peopleline VoIP services in all media has been successful beyond expectations, giving the company increased awareness of both their VoIP services and PLLN stock investment. Customized service packages and a wide choice of options offered by Peolpleline are extremely popular with customers, and they allow the company to stand out from competitiors.

UNIQUE RETAIL STORES: In the announcement which can be vieqwed on YAHOO Finance at , CEO Ed Gallagher stated that at least 2 new VoIP retail store outlets will be opened in the early part of 2007. Peopleline (Stock Symbol: PLLN) VoIP stores are believed to be the first of their kind in North America. Retail VoIP stores set Peopline apart from the competition while increasing public knowledge of VoIP benefits and answering questions new customes may have. In addition it is believed that the stores also increase public awareness of the growth stock investment profit opportunity available from PLLN stock. The first Peopleline VoIP retail store was opened in Vancouver, BC in October 2006. See for more details and links to picture press releases.

Peopleline growth is expected to continue to accelerate in the new year. The company plans to expand sales across the United States and Canada. The multi-million dollar advertising campaign launched by Vonage has spread the word on VoIP. PLLN stock growth potential is significantly enhanced by this inceased public awareness of the VoIP industry. See for more.

OWN EQUIPMENT: Unlike some of the top VoIP companies, Peopleline owns their own equipment, providing increased reliability, better security, lower costs, more assets and stronger financials.

Ed Gallagher, the CEO of Peopleline, also stated in the news release that “our customer comes first approach and value VoIP service packs, allowing users to pick and choose services they want and paying only for those they use with no strings attached, is popular with the customers and stands out in a crowd of competing unlimited minute packages. As a result we expect our growth rate to continue to accelerate in the New Year, driven by the ever-increasing acceptance of VoIP as a preferred service by the general public, by our different approach to the market, and also because of this latest expansion. We plan to be a player in this exciting market in 2007 and beyond.''

ABOUT PEOPLELINE: Peopleline, Inc. stock is publicly traded. The stock symbol is PLLN. The company was established in 1998 to develop and sell VoIP/FoIP products and services to other Service Providers around the Globe. Peopleline launched its brand of retail IP telephony services to local users in Canada in 2004. Peopleline has its own line of unified messaging products that have been proven both in the corporate Financial Service market in New York and service provider market in Asia for several years and Peopleline is able to take advantage of these developments. The Company products run on Sun and Linux platforms are compatible with Cisco gateways and support both SIP and H323 devices.

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