Fooky, Inc. Unveils Upgrade, Strategy to Lead Search Engine Sector unveil upgraded search solution and strategy to help empower web site operations and marginalize business models of status quo search engines.


Wilmington, DE -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/05/2006, an Internet intermediary service connecting relevant people to relevant web sites today announced the launch of its upgraded phrase-based platform. The upgraded phrase-based platform is designed to transition perceived ownership of the Internet landscape from status quo conglomerates back to the collective of web sites providing the content and services. The upgrades are part of "compete, not copy" strategy to lead the search engine and web portal sector with true next-generation solutions. offers a variety of new features and functionality that change the Internet game:

* Site Submission Service - Web Site operations have more control on to how their web site can be searched by people. exclusively use the web site keywords meta tag to search against, allowing marketing flexibility and control at a substantial lower cost than pay-per-click advertising. Premium Submission Services allows web site operations to index their web site by their meta tag information in near real-time instead of waiting in queue. Web Site operations can now leverage their keywords meta tag to differentiate their web site instead of bidding against competitors for generic keywords on pay-per-click advertising programs.

* Command Phrase Service - Using HTML, any web site operation can now provide a web service in the form of a phrase people can enter into For example, a small town web site covering high school sports can create a command phrase "get basketball schedule for Parkview High" which can be consumed by people all over the world through A consumer product corporation can now offer command phrases such as "show me how to use Brand X" to promote and market their products to potential customers. Command Phrase Service can easily port to Internet-connected platforms such as mobile phones or video game consoles and compatible with speech-recognition technologies. Also, Internet Explorer 7 users who set as their default search engine can enter command phrases directly into the Internet Explorer search box, bypassing search engines and web portals altogether to retrieve rich content from web site operations.

* Affiliate Program - affiliate program allows anyone from individuals to sales channel partners such as ISPs and Internet domain registrars earn revenue by promoting products and service, which are more attractive, has longer term effectiveness and priced less than current pay-per-click advertising programs offered by Internet conglomerates.

* Protecting Children Online and Data Collection - promotes the right to freedom of expression and privacy for law-abiding patrons by not saving personal data associated with search queries. To protect children online, does not collect and distribute third party images or videos containing violent and pornographic content.

Web site operations are expected to benefit from increased relevant traffic from focus on practical, cost-effective marketing strategies. People online will appreciate the highly relevant search results and availability of online Web services provided by a diversity of web sites operations rather than generic offerings by status quo Internet conglomerates. will focus on promoting its upgraded services directly to people and web site operations. upgraded services will be marketed through strategic channel partners, Internet, radio and television promotions plus presentational efforts at key events. separate itself from other new search offerings by providing strategies that marginalize, not copy the Internet business models of status quo Internet conglomerates. founder and CEO Ed Dunn says "As certain Internet firms were celebrated by the media and Wall Street, we quietly developed a phrase-based intermediary service we knew will obsolete both the search engine and web portal business models while empowering true champions of the Internet, the collective of web site operations." "Quite frankly, the search engine and web portal business model are now commoditized by phrase-based innovations and all they have now is their status quo position which will erode as web site operations empower themselves with to attract relevant customers to their business. " is an Internet intermediary service designed to connect people with web site operations through a phrase-based platform. is a subsidiary of Fooky, Inc. a privately held Delaware corporation.