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Four Things You Must Know to Solve Relationship Problems According to Lori Prokop

The world is full of people who live miserable lives because of fears. Fear affects all relationships: family, romantic, casual, business.


Bruce, WI -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/06/2006 --Attendees discovered during workshop for overcoming painful experiences of the past, featuring expert Lori Prokop as speaker, that some people who are afraid or experiencing inferiority complexes will commonly attack others, either verbally or, less often, physically. If you see someone writing harmful or hurtful words about another, you can rest assured the writer is fearful and feeling inferior.

“You can be guaranteed in every group there are those who suffer from the inferiority complex,” says Lori Prokop (http://www.lori-prokop.com), author and creator of the “How to Heal Abuse” series (http://www.howtohealabuse.com.).

“You may be surprised to discover who they are. Often they are the loudest talkers and strongest attackers who use this behavior to cover up their own inferior feelings.”

“Identify a person feeling an inferiority complex and try to show him or her understanding — while staying out of an abusive relationship,” continues Lori Prokop. “This will help that person feel better while helping you feel better too.”

“Be your real self. You are unique and valuable, just as you are right now. You are the only one of you that exists. Do not imitate or try to be like others. This is a sure sign of weakness and inferiority complex,” says Lori Prokop.

Choose 100% Pure Love. Now that may sound too airy-fairy for you. After all, you may be a “professional” with an image to uphold. You may be a tough person who fears appearing weak by choosing to live at the upper levels of your Life Guidance System (available at http://www.howtohealabuse.com).

“The strongest people have realized learning to love others resolves fear. Love casts out fear. You don’t have to love what others do. It means you love them, as they are with all their flaws and weaknesses. You love others even when they are at their worst. It doesn’t mean you say their pathetic behavior is acceptable to you. Rather, it says regardless of how pathetic or lost a person is, they are worthy of love,” says Lori Prokop.

Lori Prokop continues, “The more you generate genuine love for others, the less you will feel inferior in their presence. The easier your relationship with them will feel, whether it stays or ends.”

According to Lori Prokop if those causing relationship problems were to “find the light” and stop the harmful, destructive behavior, the relationship problem would resolve. Great leaders want situations resolved.

“Send healing energy to your enemies with the intentions they will choose higher level, more loving emotions and stop their destructive patterns. It actually and amazingly works,” says Lori Prokop

About Lori Prokop: Lori Prokop is affectionately called the “mother of inspiration” and is one of the most respected people in the field of self-empowerment. Lori Prokop has devoted her life to the study of human behavior and personal motivation. The remarkable combination of her caring style and the powerful systems Lori Prokop has developed quickly transform people and companies from good to great!

Learn more about Lori Prokop at http://www.lori-prokop.com and more about creating and living the life you want at http://www.howtohealabuse.com