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"The Theory Of Everything" Star Victor Lundin Is On The Official SAG Ballot For Outstanding Performance In A TV Movie


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/12/2006 --Victor Lundin, starring in the "Theory Of Everything” that premiered on Trinity Network in November 2006, is on the official Screen Actors Guild Award Ballot for Outstanding Performance of a male actor in a Television Movie.

"To be eligible for this nomination is very important because the movie role I played is about a man seeking God, and finding him through faith. “The Theory of Everything,” is a small budget film about faith up against the studio giants and their millions of dollars in media spending, kind of like David facing Goliath." says Lundin. "In spite of this, and much to the credit of John Brockett and the SAG executive committee, they recognized the spiritual importance of Theory, and placed me on the ballot."

"The Theory of Everything" is a film aimed at showing people faith by combining science and entertainment. The character Lundin plays, Dr. Eugene Holland, loved his wife so much that after she died of cancer in sacrificing her own life so her son could be born, and himself dying of a rare JCD disease, embarks on a mission to "find" his deceased wife, and ultimately, heaven and God. During the quest, Holland is reunited with his son who he had given up for adoption. Together they seek to find "The Theory of Everything". The Character Lundin plays, has an epiphany when taken to Alaska, and is shown the Aura Borealis. No longer afraid for his destiny, Holland recognizes the beauty and grandness of God.

Besides his starring role in The Theory of Everything, Victor appears as King Nebuchadnezzar in a coming cable special of the book of Daniel, and in a co-starring role in an award winning short film, Veterans Day. One of Victor's most rewarding works is sharing the gospel message through his work in music. The Storyteller CD, co-produced with Howard Yearwood, with 13 songs composed and sung by Lundin, is available on line at CD Baby, and soon will be available on Lundin's WEBSITE.

"The Theory of Everything" was written, acted, directed and produced by David de Vos, who plays Doug Holland, Eugene Holland's son. It is Victor and Dave's hope that "The Theory of Everything", will inspire the masses to "Envision the possibilities" of faith and God.

Find out more about Victor Lundin, his ministry, "The Theory of Everything", and his music, at http://www.victorlundin.com

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