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Young Entrepreneurs From Orem, Utah, Tout Largest Resource of Free In the World

Small Orem Company Touts World’s Largest Resource of Free books


Orem, UT -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/15/2006 --By efficiently streamlining the process of collection, cataloging and distribution of these books, a small company in Orem, Utah claims to have developed a sustainable system for collection, reselling and donation of needed books to qualified organizations. “WBD has the infrastructure and model to support the largest database and resource of free books—in the world.” Says founder and bibliophiliac, John Keller, “What’s better, it’s not dependent upon guilt trips or cash donations. It’s a system that supports itself!”

Just before graduating from BYU, John Keller along with co-founder David Kasteler, discovered significant inefficiencies in the collection and distribution of second hand books. “This is a global issue” says David, “every year, thousands of bulk donations are made, but receiving organizations can only use a small percentage of the donated books.—They’re wasted!” Recognizing the immense benefit from improving the system, John and Dave began building the foundations for the WBD.

WBD market efficiencies are made possible through the Worldwide Book Drive Pod™ model. Each Pod includes a direct book collections program, a brick and mortar store front and sales and donation internet venue. Each Pod location is networked through a single database system. Right now a user can log into their website and make a request for books. Further database development is underway where users will be able to select needed books by title, or serial number. This model is especially helpful for developing schools or domestic/international literacy programs.

In only six months of operation, WBD’s pilot Pod location has salvaged over 200,000 books from going unused or dumped into landfills. Instead, these books have been recycled/redistributed and are being placed in the hands of individuals, students and facilities where their designed educational value will continue to be appreciated for years to come.

“These Pods are easy to set up” says David Kasteler, “and really benefit the community.” WBD market research indicates the US market will support 500 – 700 Pod sites, ushering in what WBD believes will be a “market revolution in literacy.”

Their first location is located at 104 N 1200 W, in Orem, Utah. Check out their website for more info.