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Troop Explodes Into The 21st Century With Visionary Partner RockMeTV

Trrop redefines Ath-leisure industry


New York City, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/15/2006 --To celebrate it’s 20th anniversary re-launch, Troop, official licensee of Innovative Custom Brands (ICB), takes great pleasure in announcing their unique partnership with, the worlds first and only live, interactive music-television station with real-time audience participation 24 hours a day seven days a week.

In addition to its role as corporate sponsor for the trade shows, weekly programs, and real-time contests spearheaded by this multi-genre music television provider, Troop will have a strong voice in establishing RockMeTV’s visual identity by outfitting their cyber jocks and the RockMeTV girls. By providing cutting-edge fashion for this web-based entertainment medium, Troop is revitalizing their reputation for setting trends not following them.

“It’s more than just a partnership,” says Troop President Chuck Hellman. “We see this as a necessary coupling of two companies willing to embrace the future. With providing the talent and troop outfitting its stars, it’s a perfect fit—quite literally.”

Known for outfitting legendary hip-hop talent, such as LL Cool J and Ghost Face Killah, Troop has been on the forefront of entertainment culture since 1986 giving its Bronx-born street identity a unique flavor in the fashion and entertainment world. Their partnership with represents Troop’s second coming into the pop-culture realm, this time riding the crest of the new wave in neo-tech entertainment solutions for the savvy music consumer.

“By integrating the fluidity of natural TV with the interconnectivity of the net we have high hopes for going global,” says Phil Londrico, Founder/CEO of RockMeTV. “And adding innovators like Troop into the mix is just the final ingredient for success.”

Ready to embark on a 42-city tour of America’s best colleges, both Troop and RockMeTV have their pulse on today’s entertainment culture and plan on taking their contemporary fusion of music and fashion where their audience lives.

“Fashion has been an integral party of the entertainment industry for decades,” says Robert Butler, Executive Vice President of ICB. “We see this marriage as the natural evolution of our brand in the 21st century. Let’s face it. The Internet’s where all the fans are.”

“And we’re already on fire,” says Londrico. “We’ve collaborated with star photographer Danny “Cash” Hastings who has photographed everyone from Wu Tang Clan to Eminem and Troop will soon be outfitting the stars on MTV’s new Fight Club TV show. With all the tools available to us, the possibilities are simply endless,” Londrico says.

Born in the Bronx in 1986, Troop is a historical icon on the Hip-Hop fashion scene, setting trends that have been largely imitated but never reproduced. Responsible for creating Vintage ath-leisure garments, Troop is more than a brand; they are a vision in artwork that moves. Specializing in footwear and urban-lifestyle apparel, Troop is always on the cusp of contemporary urban culture, standing alone as a pioneer in the melding of street and style. Troop gear is available through, Pac Sun Outlets, and YRB Soho/NYC, among others. For more information call Rod Schecter at 405-347-4118 or go to