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A Declaration of American Business Values. Ethics, Equity and Efficiency.

New business ethics book addresses core values crucial to business success.


Cherry Hill -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/07/2006 --Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. How do these words apply to the twenty-first-century business community? The new business management book, “A Declaration of American Business Values: Ethics, Equity and Efficiency in the New Millennium” examines the relationship between the historical roots of American Democracy and their applications to the world of commerce.

Based on findings of the preeminent American social scientists, the key value systems are defined and designed for plans of action. Explore the business management theories and applied principles that instruct how to motivate people and make organizations prosper. Uncover the core democratic values central to business success: Ethics and Morality; Individualism and Progress; Equality and Equity; Work and Achievement; Productivity and Efficiency; Unity and Patriotism.

Gain an in-depth look into the ethical issues of Pay Equity, Corporate Social Responsibility, and the Role of the Individual. Learn how to adopt a systemic model of doing business, based on the cultural norms necessary to ensure an efficient and just workplace.

“A Declaration of American Business Values” provides a wide range of discourse, with topics ranging from “Motivation Made Easy,” and “The Intangibles of Business Organization,” to “The Suggestive Manager,” and “Exporting Corporate Culture,”

“A Declaration of American Business Values” encourages participation and discussion through a constructive tone favoring innovation and change. The book is suitable for employees at all company levels, as well as training facilitators, human resource managers, motivational speakers, organizational consultants, and international businesspeople.

The book stresses a qualitative approach to performance management and employee motivation. It steers away from acting as a strictly quantitative barometer of technical solutions and plug-in business management techniques. “A Declaration of American Business Values” presents guidelines and ideas fundamental to American culture that are applicable to all business entities.

Robert L. Merz is a native Philadelphian. He holds a Master’s degree in Industrial Relations from the University of Oregon, and a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from Tulane University. He has worked for several Fortune 500 companies in the fields of sales, marketing, and management. He has participated in several structured, corporate management-training programs, and been involved in an entrepreneurial start-up business.

“A Declaration of American Business Values: Ethics, Equity and Efficiency in the New Millennium”; Robert L. Merz; Paperback; 148 pages; ISBN 0-9765868-1-9; 5 ½“ x 8 ½“; $12.95; Bibliography; Publication Date: November, 2006;

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