The Legends of Mernac

Legends of Mernac, Online Fiction Community, Announces New VP of Creativity.

Newly Appointed Vice President will oversee all website content.


Pompano Beach, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/07/2006 --The website created and designed to bring the fantasy writing and fantasy digital art communities together with the online gaming and multi-media world has announced the appointment of Linda Casselman to the position of Vice President of Creativity. Linda has immediately assumed the position, working closely with all site contributors, in an effort to ensure a high quality final product of online never-ending fantasy fiction. LindaC, as she is known online at Mernac, has been working closely with LoM administration since early Beta Testing stages and has been instrumental in the leadership of novice fiction writers, providing a professional guiding hand at each new turn.

The position to head the Creative Content division of LoM was created in an effort to further bring the benefits of the OSC project (Open Source Creativity) to the vast community of fantasy enthusiasts, be they readers, amateur or professional writers, artists (professional or amateur), programmers, musicians, gamers, and more. “Mernac has a number of philosophies and our intent is to create a wonderful environment that fosters and promotes talented people of many disciplines. But, we are also a business, and a business that intends on making money both to pay various employees and to give back to the community,” says Rick Merriman, founder of Mernac and OSC. “We are ecstatic to have the opportunity to work with someone of Linda’s caliber. Her experience in working with amateur writers, creativity, and ability to successfully demonstrate powerful and compelling fiction writing to those just beginning, has been an invaluable resource to our users.”

In her new capacity as VP of Creativity, Casselman will continue to be responsible for plot line approvals, overall “world” consistency, lore, content quality control, tutorial instruction, and content contributor to Muse, LoM’s monthly newsletter. With upcoming new phases, she will be an authority on the creative interaction of current plotlines with the new phases’ implementation. She will also begin plans for the formation of Mernac University, which will offer courses to writers, artists, and more to further develop their creative talents. As noted in her application, there are many valuable creative pursuits waiting to take seed, within the mind of Casselman, who has already proven the ability to spawn an idea into a successful working solution. You can read about some of her future plans for Mernac here.

Casselman has already been instrumental in implementing such projects and tasks as, LoM Disciples, Lore Editor-in-Chief, created and managed various contests, wrote over one hundred saplings to add to the LoM base material, penned the LoM FAQ, and was also declared the LoM MVP. She was also one the first Gods accepted at LoM, and is now known as Quont, Father of Lust, and currently directly manages two Disciples in the areas of Proofreading and Mernac Astrology and development of an official Mernac language, including a dictionary.

Casselman comes from a diverse background with an Honors BA in English from Carleton University. She has been teaching online since 1998 and is also an owner/operator of, an online learning community offering personal interest and professional development courses where, as a Certified Adult Educator, she is currently instructing on such courses as Assessment and Evaluation Strategies, Curriculum Development, and Instructional Techniques. She is also the former Mythology Editor and Managing Editor of the World Religions category at LoM feels this diversity will bring many new avenues of creativity to be explored. Says one LoM official, “I am so glad to be able to work with such a qualified and dedicated person. It’s very clear when working with Linda, that she is truly driven to help others succeed. She has been absolutely integral to the early success of Mernac.”

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