Juan Trujillo Tarradas

Discover hidden treasures in your photographs. Release of PhotoChances explorer


Barcelona, Spain -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/13/2006 --PhotoChances is a little big program that picks the photos on a computer randomly and applies different image processing effects also selected at random. The resulting images are shown on screen in a slide-show, with different transitions and optional panning.

Two different effects are applied to each image and it is shown with a smooth transition from one to the other thus generating many intermediate unique states.

The viewer can freeze at any time the display and capture the current status of the image applying it to the original at its native resolution.

Developed by Juan Trujillo, a software engineer and amateur photographer located in Barcelona, Spain, the project began as a series of software experiments projecting digital photographs into virtual 3D spaces (surfaces on the screen simulating being in a three dimension space). The project moved to investigating and experimenting with transformations based on the properties and attributes of the numbers that make up digital images.

Going on, loads of possibilities emerged and a fascinating idea started to take shape, "random (pseudo)art" applied to photographs. Here the artist is the viewer who discovers aspects and qualities in the results that wouldn't be perceived otherwise. Merge this with actual photographs made by humans with intention and meaning, with many traits both conscious and unconsciously and some surprises start to happen. One finds new interpretations of the images, aesthetical possibilities, unseen aspects, or simple pleasure or fun viewing. Particularly when the viewer is also the author of the image.

The program is distributed as trialware through web downloads. It requires a PC with Windows XP or higher. The free trial allows enjoying all its features and possibilities and can be downloaded at the program's web site http://www.photochances.com