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Flowforms Pioneer John Wilkes Shares Craft With Sculpture and Designer Iain Trousdell

Flowforms, Water Features and fountains designed for water gardens, table tops, and commercial structures.


Auckland, New Zealand -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/12/2006 --World famous inventor and pioneer of Flowforms, John Wilkes, shared his craft with our designer, Iain Trousdell, who was the second sculptor in the world to spend several years in the UK working alongside John. In addition to implementing the sensitive skills of Flowform design, Iain's apprenticeship involved a deep study of the organic and inorganic forms nature makes, and the patterns it follows in transforming through time in space. An award-winning ceramic artist, Iain has been an active Flowform designer for 25 years as well as a member of the Flow Design Research Group.

Now, with the newly engineered, beautiful stone-effect Flowforms, www.flow-forms.com is increasing interest from clients globally along with a capacity to freight anywhere they happen to be. Flowforms are able to support any installation artistically, technically and scientifically.

Flowforms have been designed and supplied to many countries from New Zealand since 1979. Well over 20 different new Flowforms designs have been created here, forming the basis of over 200 different landscape and water treatment projects in NZ alone. In addition, our NZ Flowforms have been installed in Europe, America, Australia, Japan, India, Taiwan and the Pacific Islands. We have also been successfully commissioned to create seven major city-centre sculptures throughout New Zealand.

Flowforms are presently designing new Flowforms, especially as small models for inside the house and for small garden spaces. They make these Flowforms available for viewing on their website www.flow-forms.com.

This website is being constantly adapted as a global information facility for garden, interior home, and water treatment Flowform sales, delivered to your door via our agents!

For more information, contact Flowforms at +64 9 361 5241 or by email at enquiries@flowformsnz.co.nz.