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Start the New Year Right — Get Your Data Under Control


Boulder, CO -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/11/2006 --As most of American workers begin their work-week in the New Year, it is difficult to come back to the deluge of email, electronic files and paper. Below are some tips to help the office worker take the first step in managing the deluge of data.

• Archive 2006 email. Go through your email in-box and archive all 2006 emails and begin a new file folder system for 2007. Most email programs have the capability to archive email into a separate file from your primary profile which is recommended to not exceed capacity with most networked server systems.
• Go paperless, become more electronic with information. In today’s electronic world, all documentation is electronic based. Begin this year to minimize the paper that you print and keep the data electronically. Take time to set up, and purge, your electronic file structure so you have a ‘home’ for all documentation.
• Have a ‘purge’ day. Create time before your holiday break to purge your desktop and paper files. Sort items on your desktop into these categories; action, database, to file, distribute to others, take home and of course, recycle.

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