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Lori Prokop Announces how to Overcome Fear and Achieve Happiness and Peace of Mind

When a person stands up to a challenge or fear that challenge or fear tends to fold and give way. People with courageous persistence win.


Bruce, WI -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/12/2006 --According to Lori Prokop most fears are unfounded and empty. She estimates only a small percentage of what people fear actually comes to be. Some experts say as much as 92 percent of what people fear never come to be.

“Of the 8 percent of fears that may occur,” says Lori Prokop, “Stand up to them with persistence. It has been my persistence that has overcome challenges in my life. All fears are controllable.”


“Be a person of persistent faith, says Lori Prokop. “Most importantly, say morning, noon and night, ‘I remove fear and anxiety from my mind. I now decide my fear and anxiety will be brought under control and eliminated. I am a person of persistence and faith.’”

“In addition to this statement, you will need to choose matching thoughts and actions. This statement will program your mind to remove and reject fear-based thoughts,” adds Lori Prokop.

“Work on fears one at a time,” Suggests Lori Prokop. “With a pen and piece of paper, write out all the fears you have. Make as complete and honest a list as possible. Look over your list and determine the fear that disturbs you the most. Decide to resolve that fear alone, first.”

“Most people’s strength, energy and persistence are powerful enough to resolve one fear at a time,” observes Lori Prokop. “Resolving all fears or multiple fears at one time can be more than a person could energetically handle.”

“When you overcome one fear and then the next, you will experience an increased sense of accomplishment, confidence and personal power you can use to defeat all the fears on your list,” says Lori Prokop.

About Lori Prokop: Lori Prokop is affectionately called the “mother of inspiration” and is one of the most respected people in the field of self-empowerment. Lori Prokop has devoted her life to the study of human behavior and personal motivation. The remarkable combination of her caring style and the powerful systems Lori Prokop has developed quickly transform people and companies from good to great!

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