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Lori Prokop Teaches How to Overcome Stress and Anxiety and Find Peace of Mind

Let’s face it. Wouldn’t you like a life with the peace of mind and stress relief? Is it as easy as just finding ways to relax?


Bruce, WI -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/14/2006 --At a well-attended workshops for creating the life you want, featuring expert Lori Prokop as speaker, attendees discovered how to get rid of stress and anxiety and have peace of mind.

When people feel stress and anxiety they tend to breathe shallowly. Lori Prokop reminded attendees that when feeling stress and anxiety say to yourself, “You need to find stress relief and peace of mind. Breathe!”

“To find peace of mind imagine being surrounded with 100% pure light and love,” says Lori Prokop (http://www.lori-prokop.com), author and creator of the “How to Heal Abuse” series (http://www.howtohealabuse.com).

“Breathe peace in. Breathe stress and anxiety out. Notice how much more pure and unique the peaceful air smells. Breathe in peace again. Breathe out stress and anxiety. Repeat as desired,” recommends Lori Prokop.

“Melt away stress and anxiety by imagining what peace of mind feels like,” continues Lori Prokop. “Feel 100% pure light and love flowing through your mind and body. For stress relief say, ‘I am peace. And 100% pure light and love fill me, surround me and protect me.’ You can feel the peace of mind.”

“Every morning and evening remove thoughts of stress and anxiety. See these thoughts flowing out and peace of mind flowing in. For maximum stress relief, upon rising in the morning and turning in for the evening, say three times to yourself, “100% pure love and light is with me, guiding me and helping me,” adds Lori Prokop.

About Lori Prokop: Lori Prokop is affectionately called the “mother of inspiration” and is one of the most respected people in the field of self-empowerment. Lori Prokop has devoted her life to the study of human behavior and personal motivation. The remarkable combination of her caring style and the powerful systems Lori Prokop has developed quickly transform people and companies from good to great!

Learn more about Lori Prokop at http://www.lori-prokop.com and more about creating and living the life you want at http://www.howtohealabuse.com