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LoM Compensates Amateur Artist for Talent Used in Fantasy OSC Project


Pompano Beach, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/14/2006 --Legends of Mernac, an OSC Project, dedicated to providing creative undiscovered talents of many disciplines outlets for their work, community critique, and even financial compensation, has awarded royalties to Mernacian artist, Kachinadoll. LoM currently provides several opportunities for financial income and audience exposure, including contests and artist branded Mernac merchandise. Sales of merchandise with an artist’s work will be paid royalties, in most cases, totaling fifty percent of the profits of the item, with the balance being re-invested into the LoM community. Mernac merchandise is sold on-site as well as in several Mernac off-sites, such as eBay. Merchandise branded by Mernacian art comes in a variety of forms, apparel, home and office items, greeting cards, calendars and more.

LoM, as an official OSC Project, is driven by a truly altruistic goal of further advancing the talents and audience of yet undiscovered artists, writers, programmers, musicians and more. As a community, LoM strives to provide guiding assistance, tutorials, critique, audiences, community support, financial compensation and virtually any other support necessary to further advance them on their quest of excellence in their chosen artistic field. The LoM fantasy community of various fields of creative talents is able to provide artists with valuable feedback, guides, downloads, resources and even one-on-one help. Several budding artists started their journey with Mernac as writers, but due to the exhibits of phenomenal art discovered and shown on Mernac, have developed a thirst to learn more about how to make art themselves. Thus the more experienced artists are now providing beginning courses and a guiding hand for those new to digital art. On the same note, advanced fiction writers have also paired with people who have never written fiction before, creating and fine tuning a collaborative fiction expected to be published in 2007. Further avenues of creative advancement are also underway that will include musicians, programmers, gamers, and more.

The Legends of Mernac is an online community, based in the mythical world of Mernac, created by founder, Rick Merriman. All the short stories found in LoM are inter-linked into a never-ending saga. Each story is wonderfully illustrated and users are able to compile their favorites into their own eBooks at no charge. Along with brilliant illustrations, each short story is, or will be, accompanied by story specific music, soundtracks, animations, gaming and more. All of these venues are contributed by various members from around the world. Registration is free for both audiences and contributors.

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