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Righteous Software Introduces New ‘Live Boot’ Disaster Recovery Method, Announces Release Date for Microsoft Windows Backup Support


Houston, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/18/2006 --Righteous Software (http://www.r1soft.com), a developer of disk-based backup solutions, introduced today a new method for booting servers into disaster recovery mode, allowing administrators to execute a Bare-Metal data restoration.

Previously, there had been only two methods available for executing a Bare-Metal Restore—either using a boot CD-ROM, which requires physical access to the server, or using the Pre-Boot Execution Environment (PXE), which requires a specially configured data center network with DHCP and TFTP enabled.

Many datacenters do not support PXE, and a large number of small to medium sized hosts do not have physical access to their servers, preventing them from utilizing either method effectively.

Subsequently, Righteous Software has today introduced Live Boot, which allows server administrators to initiate disaster recovery mode remotely on their Linux servers and execute a Bare-Metal restore through the commonly used Secure Shell protocol, or SSH.

“With the introduction several months ago of our control panel-integrated backup solutions, we have gained a significant number of small to medium sized Web hosts who have vastly different requirements and barriers than larger hosts and datacenters,” said David Wartell, Righteous Software founder and CEO. “Today’s release is designed to create additional capabilities for clients without physical access to their servers or without high-level network permissions. Shared hosts utilizing dedicated servers are such an example.”

To utilize Live Boot, Righteous Software clients must first download a copy of the application from the company’s software download site. The application should then be uploaded and executed to the respective server, at which point disaster recovery mode can be initiated. Alternatively, Live Boot can be installed on a server before a disaster. This adds a new boot loader option (GRUB or LILO) for disaster recovery mode.

Righteous Software also announced today initial details of its next release, a Windows-based backup product. Currently, the company only offers data backup solutions for servers running Linux.

“While our Windows product remains under development, we will have a version available for release in early February of next year,” said Wartell. “We are certainly excited to introduce a product to serve the growing body of Windows Web hosts with all the same great features as those that have made our current Linux products successful.”

The current version of Righteous Backup relies on continuous data protection, which creates backups of servers at the sector level of hard disks, only copying disk sectors that changed following previous backups. This unique technology allows Righteous Backup to offer Bare-Metal Restore, a feature enabling the restoration of data to a server that can be performed solely and directly from a backup disk image. While conventional methods of Bare-Metal restorations require hard drives to be first partitioned and the operating system installed, Bare-Metal restorations with the Righteous Backup products do not.

By adding continuous data protection to hosting environments, backup images can be taken several times a day—even hourly—meaning the amount of data lost in a disaster is significantly reduced, especially when compared to traditional backup solutions.

For more information about Righteous Software, please visit http://www.r1soft.com or call 1-800-956-6198.

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Founded in 2003, Righteous Software is a provider of innovative disk-based backup solutions. Offering low cost, scalable and integrated products, the company has quickly been recognized by industry leaders as the standard for Linux disk-based backups.