Workers: Keeping Their Options Open More Than Ever

Mixed Economy and Worker Uncertainty Lead to Increased Jobseeking, says Job Portal CEO


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/19/2006 --Mixed signals from the economy and an increasing push for workforce efficiency have people looking for jobs now more than ever, according to the CEO of a leading online job portal.

“What you see at virtually every level in the marketplace is worker insecurity,” said Samson Manickaraj, founder of FewMillionJobs.com, an online portal for jobseekers. “Even a few years ago, only hard-core job hoppers scanned the horizon for their next great job on a regular basis. Today? Anyone who’s smart keeps their resume up to date and keeps an eye open for that next terrific opportunity.”

Manickaraj pointed to several conflicting signs that he said have led to increased worker uncertainty in the employment market:

• Although the Consumer Price Index declined 0.5% in October and nationwide unemployment held at a seasonally adjusted rate of 4.5% in November - both considered indicators of a strong economy – only about 35% of those queried in a recent Gallup Poll indicated that they thought now was a good time to find a quality job.
• A recent Gallup Poll indicated that the number of Americans who believe economic conditions in the country are getting better is trending upwards – but slightly more than 20% of respondents still believe the economy is the most important problem facing the country today.
• Healthcare and retirement costs continue to be a concern among workers, with an increasing number of job changes tied primarily to benefits.
• At the same time, employers across many industries criticize the lack of candidates, resorting to expensive recruiters as a way to fill positions that were once hired directly.

Against this backdrop, Manickaraj said, there’s more demand than ever before for tools that simplify jobseekers’ and employers’ tasks. He launched FewMillionJobs.com to meet that need.

FewMillionJobs.com allows candidates to directly apply to the company of their choice without the hassles of posting their private information or a résumé on an online database. The job portal benefits employers because the service eliminates the middleman while also allowing the company to hire for multiple positions with a single posting or change the posting once it has been filled.

Manickaraj stated: “We found the best way to put job seekers and employers directly in touch. The increasing trend for secure jobs and the need for a quality job portal are indispensable.”

FewMillionJobs.com is offering introductory packages through December. Visit the website at: www.fewmillionjobs.com for details.

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