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A New Movie Social Networking Site Offers an Innovative Way of Showcasing Products in Real Films


Douglas, Isle of Man -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/19/2006 leads the pack by providing opportunities for advertisers to showcase their products in real films created by its members.

Product placement advertising is not a totally new concept. In fact, it has been in use for quite sometime now by a growing number of advertisers who choose to use the advances in technology to make their products appear in places they weren’t before. Product advertising has found its way in blogs, podcast, photo albums, video games, songs, books, TV shows and movies.

This form of advertising can come in subtle forms such as the use of certain brand of products in the background as an integral part of a scene or in more obvious forms such as the direct and regular reference to a particular product by the main character of a show. Some companies have even thought of digitally inserting their logo into shows as part of a contest wherein viewers get to win when the logos are spotted.

Marketers are always on the look-out for new and creative ways to pitch and market their products. YourBroadcaster allows the advertisers to create their own ads or it can create the ads for them. The site also aims to feature links to each advertiser’s website.

An entirely new contest is developing for filmmaking intended for the web. Majority of the media content seen on the Internet have been both produced for television broadcast or theatrical distribution and then repurposed for web streaming. YourBroadcaster hopes to change all this by enabling its members to call the shots in creating at least 5 different movies. This venue can easily provide larger audiences, influence and profits.

A global Internet reach is something every advertiser would want to have. This is not impossible since entertainment is the fastest growing category of Internet content. Companies emerging out of the Hollywood orbit have already announced plans to produce and broadcast original Internet only programming.

What will perhaps be the hallmark of web filmmaking is interactivity. Interactivity would certainly be evident in YourBroadcaster as it relies heavily on the solicitation of instant feedback from audience members and web visitors and other filmmakers before, during and/or after the production process. A new generation of filmmakers will rise as they learn and refine their craft on computers and on the net. This represents a whole new market for advertisers that are looking for more effective ways than pushing banners on a passive audience. As advertising-weary consumers tune out ads, they might not be able to resist products that have movie roles to boot.

YourBroadcaster can be found on the World Wide Web at: