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Killer Guides publishes unofficial World of Warcraft Paladin Guide


Sao Paolo, Brazil -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/22/2006 --Online game guide publisher Killer Guides releases a strategy guide for the popular game World of Warcraft. Of the 9 classes players can choose in the game it covers only a single one: Paladins. The highly specialized, 146 page e-book provides a complete strategy reference from level 1 to 60. The World of Warcraft Paladin Guide is now available at for $24.99.

Starting with the claim that players can make 500 gold per day - the currency in World of Warcraft - the guide aims to redefine an entire section of the 7-million subscriber game World of Warcraft. Helping the player maker virtual money is not the only purpose of the strategy reference. The self-set goal of the author is to enable every player to achieve the highest level within a week - a feat that usually takes a casual gamer months to achieve.

The release of the paladin guide marks the completion of Killer Guides' World of Warcraft portfolio. With over 2000 pages of strategy material the company now offers a specialized reference for every single class. "Going way beyond traditional strategy guides is an essential part of our business concept", explains Lucio Pereira, the company's director of marketing. He adds that "in a game as competitive as World of Warcraft players won't settle for a one-size-fits-all hint book". With this in mind Killer Guides created 14 individual guides that each deal with a different aspect of World of Warcraft.

Joe Prime, author of the World of Warcraft Guide, already wrote a guide on Final Fantasy XI for Killer Guides. Enjoying a current customer rating of 4 out of 5 stars his previous project is still widely popular among players. Research for the World of Warcraft Paladin Guide alone amounted to nearly 200 hours - not including the actual time spent playing the game.

Killer Guides Ltda operates an online shop for unofficial strategy guides to online role-playing games at The company currently provides 74 strategy guides for 14 different games. The company is not sponsored, controlled or affiliated with any game publisher or developer. Since it's inception in February 2006, the company managed to cover 80% of the major US and European online role-playing games.

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