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Multiple MS Word and MS Excel Documents Protected with Lost or Forgotten Passwords are Now Easily Accessible.

Office Multi-document Password Cracker: Lost Password No Longer Means Lost Data.


Taganrog, Rostov, Russia -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/27/2006 --Rixler Software today announces the release of Office Multi-document Password Cracker, a great solution to remove any password (except VBA project password) from multiple MS Word and MS Excel documents. Office Multi-document Password Cracker is easy to use, fast and effective. Just a couple of mouse clicks and a whole batch of files are automatically unprotected and ready for use.

Protection and safety are very important in case of sensitive information. That is why setting passwords for MS Word and MS Excel documents is so widespread both at home and in big companies. There is only one problem – passwords tend to be forgotten or lost. Then your sensitive information, although well-protected, becomes totally inaccessible and, as a result, useless. Office Multi-document Password Cracker offers its help in such no-way-out situations.

Simply download and install Office Multi-document Password Cracker and enjoy the fast and effective removal of “write” and “protection” passwords from Word files as well as “write”, workbook, shared workbook and worksheet passwords from Excel files you choose. For those of your files that have “open” password protection, which is much stronger and usually takes days to remove using an ordinary computer, Office Multi-document Password Cracker provides online decryption service, which means your files will be processed by powerful and secure servers running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The decryption process will take about 15 seconds for one document, regardless of the password length. Unlike other tools, Office Multi-document Password Cracker doesn’t require the whole document protected with “open” password to be uploaded to the server. The server receives only a part of the document’s header, which guarantees absolute privacy of your documents content.

Office Multi-document Password Cracker developers also ensured that this powerful tool doesn’t serve anyone but you. A built-in password feature will always make sure you are the only one to have access to this powerful program.

Download Office Multi-document Password Cracker and forget about the boring procedure of unprotecting every file separately. Take as many files as you like and easily remove their passwords in no time.

Office Multi-document Password Cracker Useful Features and Benefits:

o Removes the "open", "write" and "protection" passwords from MS Word documents.
o Removes the "open", "write", workbook, shared workbook and worksheet passwords from MS Excel documents.
o Allows to unprotect multiple documents in a few mouse clicks.
o Supports MS Word and Excel 97/2000/XP/2003 documents with default protection.
o Removes passwords in mere second, regardless of their length.
o Provides online document decryption service with guaranteed privacy.
o Offers password protection against unauthorized program access.
o Offers easy and user-friendly interface.

Pricing and Availability

Office Multi-document Password Cracker runs under Windows 9x / ME / NT / 2000 / XP / 2003 and costs $59.95 (USD) for Personal license and $119.85 (USD) for Business license. One license includes the online decryption support for five MS Word or Excel documents protected with "open" password and the unlimited use for other password types. After purchasing Personal or Business license you will be able purchase additional decryption credits. An evaluation version of Office Multi-document Password Cracker is available as a free download at http://www.rixler.com/debug/mdpascrk.zip (0.9 Mb)

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Rixler Software is an information technology company. Since its foundation in 2003, Rixler Software has focused on developing password recovery and computer security software. For more information about the company and products, visit http://www.rixler.com.

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