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Send Grandma Your Favorite Family Pictures, Automatically


Longmont, CO -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/29/2006 --Norris Family Industry has released SimpleSlideShow, an innovative Windows application that makes it easy for photographers to share favorite photos with the family and friends, including unsophisticated family members who don't know - and don't want to know - how computers work, giving the family's least sophisticated computer users immediate access to the latest family photos. After you create a new slide show on your computer, simply click the "sync" button, and Grandma's computer will automatically have the latest family pictures.

The SimpleSlideShow Manager runs under the .NET Framework on your Windows computer, and acts like a remote control for determining which photos will be displayed on your friends' or family members' computers. You organize your slide show on your computer, click "sync", your changes are automatically reflected on all of the remote computers. Each remote computer runs The SimpleSlideShow Viewer, which automatically fetches your photos. From the perspective of your family members, photo delivery is automatic. Grandma runs SimpleSlideShow as a screensaver. She'll be pleasantly surprised to find the latest family pictures on her screen with absolutely no effort on her part!

SimpleSlideShow supports four methods of synchronization: email, flickr(tm), web, and FTP. Additionally, you can synchronize your photos with any Windows mobile device. SimpleSlideShow's unique invitation system lets family members subscribe to your slideshows. Ask people to join, and they'll receive a personalized invitation. The system will automatically set up their fully-configured Viewer, and they can begin enjoying your slide shows immediately.

The SimpleSlideShow Starter Pack, with the Manager plus two Viewers for your family members, costs $24.95(US). The Family Pack, with the Manager plus five Viewers, is available for $38.95(US). For businesses, organizations or very large families the $99.95(US) Unlimited Pack provides as many Viewers as you might need. Additional Viewers are also available. For more information, or to download a free trial version of SimpleSlideShow, visit

About Norris Family Industry:

Norris Family Industry has been developing shareware software since 1997. In addition to SimpleSlideShow, the company also offers ActiveEarth, a world time clock application provides day/night-shaded world maps and clocks that tell you the correct time across the globe.

Thaine Norris has been in the online photography industry since 1999 when he founded DigitalPhotoContest, which for six years was the Internet's largest photography contest. Thaine has also been involved, as technical lead, in successful online photography startups in the photo-finishing and stock photography markets.