Kitty Kavey

Disabled Los Angeles Screenwriter Kitty Kavey Wins 20 Awards in 2006

Disabled, female screenwriter and producer, Kitty Kavey, is nominated for 21 awards in 2006-- wins 20.


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/28/2006 --There is nothing that the human spirit cannot overcome-- just ask Kitty Kavey. After a devastating motorcycle accident almost took her life, Kavey has astonished the world with her determination and strength.

Although over a decade and a half has passed since Kavey was in the accident, she still struggles with the certain physical and mental repercussions. She was clinically dead, left with a form of brain damage, impaired sight and other cardiac effects that lingered. Yet with all these obstacles standing in her way, she learned how to live and function again as best she could.

Kavey has worked diligently to ensure her independence and success and today, she is now self-mobile, without speech impediments and free of motor difficulty. She has learned compensatory skills to cope with the brain damage—in fact she is a member of MENSA. Through multiple surgeries she has had her face rebuilt, and regained much of the vision that she was told was impossible to recover. Now, as a newer player in the indie film scene, she has already won 20 screenwriting awards in 2006.

Kavey’s most recent award for the script "East Meets Western," co-written with David Mulligan, was awarded semi-finalist in the 2nd Annual First Glance Feature Screenplay Competition. This award trails behind a recent award for her buzzworthy screenplay, “The Man with the Package” which won the Honorable mention award and placed in the top 10% at the Script Savvy Screenplay Competition.

Kavey continues reaching for her goals. She found an incredible niche in the entertainment industry and no one brings more perseverance or talent to a project than Kavey. In addition to the awards received for her newest screenplays, Kavey is a member of the Screen Actor’s Guild and a producer of the 2006 Sketch Comedy Championship-- live stage competition that sold-out last year. As a brilliant director and screenplay writer in the entertainment industry today, Kavey is actively seeking funding for several of her low-budget projects, slated to begin shooting in 2007-2008.

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