A new alternative to the Start Menu


Kiev, Ukraine -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/28/2006 --OrdinarySoft announced the release of a new program - Vista Start Menu - intended for replacing the Start Menu. This application supports all modern operational system of the Windows family. In spite of its name, the program is totally different from the Windows Vista menu.

This menu was developed with the purpose of facilitating the process of launching applications and working with documents in comparison with the standard system menu. The developers managed to fullfill this task by factoring in the peculiarities of human reasoning and memory.

The program encompasses a host of useful additions to the standard Start Menu. For instance, the extended version of Vista Start Menu allows users to launch an application by making a single mouse click. In order to enable this feature, users may select the main application in each folder, and it will start upon a single mouse click. Nonetheless, access to other files will still be in place – users will merely have to wait for a second, and the dropdown menu will appear. The menu also supports tabs, scaling, custom settings and a multitude of other useful functions.

This application is a full-value substitute for the Start Menu. Differently put, in comparison with similar programs Vista Start Menu posesses all the functions of the standard menu, as well as many additional functions and enhancements. The program also requires no configuration.

According to the Vista Start Menu developer, the application is much more comfortable than the Windows XP and Windows Vista menus. Denis Nazarenko explains: “Despite giving Windows Vista a beatiful interface, Microsoft overlooked the usability of the Start Menu. That is why users who have over a dozen applications will experience even greater problems than they had in Windows ХР, as the whole list will be crammed into a small window and they will have to use scrolling all the time».

The release of the new program will touch upon yet another aspect. The new OS features web search tools integrated directly into the Start Menu. Needless to say that Microsoft is using this simple trick to draw traffic to their search engine. The release of Vista Start Menu will restore the equilibrium that will give users the right to choose the search engine they prefer.

We can now affirm that battlefield will extend beyond browsers and cover the area of the Start Menu. Whatever the outcome is, all PC user will benefit from it.