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Pound for Pound the New Werkmaster–titan Is the Most Powerful Concrete Floor Grinder/edger/polisher Built Today


Vancouver, BC, Canada -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/02/2007 --The TITAN expels the myth that bigger and heavier is better. The 330 pound TITAN'S powerful 10 HP motor delivers more grinding power and performance than many of today's larger planetary concrete floor grinders!

In head to head competition with some of today's larger planetary machines, the TITAN proved to be up to 4.5 times faster in initial concrete material removal, and up to 8 times faster in polishing! And in edging, there is No Competition!

Brian Wilson, President of Werk Industries stated: “Virtually every competitor’s machine on the market today is based on the old planetary technology that can actually damage the surfaces they were designed to refinish, or injure the tradesman running the machine. These machines are large, heavy, slow and cumbersome and follow the concept of more weight is better. Some are so large and heavy they cannot get through standard doors or into some elevators. A large investment is tied up in a single use machine. Those that are designed to be lighter take too long to remove the surface material and cannot deliver the quality of finish that today's demanding customer is expecting.”

“What makes WerkMaster™ so unique? Octi-Disc™ Technology and SPEED! Our heads spin at disc speeds that are unheard of in the industry, stated Brian Wilson, and unavailable on a planetary! Think of a variable speed hand grinder – the faster your RPM, the FASTER the Rate of Removal! We have eight heads spinning at speeds that produce the fastest Rate of Removal in the industry without using heavy weight kits!”

Incorporating WerkMaster's patent pending Octi-Disc™ Technology, the TITAN delivers results that today's' professional commercial/residential/maintenance contractor can only dream about. This is by far the most aggressive, powerful floor grinding machine in it's class.

The TITAN devours concrete, VCT glue, VAT glue, asphalt glue, tar, mastic, rubber back carpet residue, thinset, epoxy, paint and any other surface material you may encounter. It grinds through spalled concrete and rained out slabs like a hot knife through butter! WerkMasters™ deliver superior results and Rates of Removal that most competitors only dream of achieving! Contractors and tradesmen are amazed and delighted with the ease of use and total customer satisfaction achieved with a WerkMaster™.

No other machine can edge as well as grind and polish concrete like a WerkMaster™. The TITAN virtually eliminates edging as you can grind, polish and edge to within 1/8" of the wall and under counter tops right back to the kick plate!

Use the new WerkMaster Dual Machine Ganging System tying two machines together giving you 36" floor coverage in one pass!

Add the optional patent pending Random Orbital Heads and you can Polish, Buff and Shine concrete floors at the same time giving your customer a quality finish that no other machine can deliver!

The tankless water feature allows both wet and dry grinding and polishing. Combining Octi-Disc™ Technology with the WerkMaster™ Eliminator vacuum system will deliver a 100% Airborne Dust and Allergen Free environment.

See the new WerkMaster™ - TITAN at World of Concrete in Las Vegas, January 23-26, 2007

Booth #S12604, Surfaces in Las Vegas, February 7-9, 2007, Booth #G2360 and Coverings in Chicago, April 17-20, 2007, Booth #5995 and visit www.werkmaster.com to see the machine in action.