The Business of Words and the Ocean Cooperative

Online Editing Scams: A Solution

One of the world’s oldest online English-language editing services has announced a unique system of defense against the onslaught of unqualified “editing” services currently plaguing writers, students and academics.


Lansdowne, ON, Canada -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/02/2007 --The Ocean Cooperative literary consultancy ( and The Business of Words academic editing service ( ), helmed by McGill-educated writer Robert Buckland, have initiated a program designed to help writers anywhere in search of legitimate English-language editing. Buckland, who includes Cornell University and Random House among his recent clients, describes how the swarm of unqualified and inept “editors” offering to improve theses, dissertations, novels and non-fiction manuscripts has made it nearly impossible for authors to identify the real thing. It’s widely known that writers in search of online help are often unable to contact the person doing the actual work and frequently proceed on no other basis than a promise.

“There is only one remedy,” Buckland said during a recent interview. “Legitimate writing and editing services must be willing to edit potential clients’ work for free.” As part of the new program, writers may access the Ocean Cooperative and The Business of Words — both members of the Federation of Online Editors — through and expect to receive a block of editing time free and without obligation.

“You must discuss your work directly with your professional editor or writer,” Buckland explained. “Then you must see enough real editing — personally undertaken by that person — to determine if this work is to your standard. Then and only then can you proceed.”

When asked how the free service would benefit writers, Buckland pointed out that the editing scammers have no intention of doing sample editing or connecting writers and academics with the “poor wretches” who are paid to edit authors’ work. “That’s the advantage of the program,” he said. “The bad guys can’t imitate it.”