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Web Surfing Students Caught Off-Guard by Classroom Supervision and Control Software


Litchfield Park, AZ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/12/2007 --Retina-X Studios, LLC announced today the premier release of Net Orbit supervision software for school and company networks. Educators across the globe are now able to monitor and administrate their classroom in real time. Differing from other solutions on the market, Net Orbit allows simultaneous monitoring of all computers on the teacher’s desktop.

With up to 87% of classrooms in public schools having an Internet connection, there is an increasing need to oversee student activities on the Internet. Schools often use filtering software to prevent Internet misuse by students but tech-savvy kids are learning to bypass this traditional method. A more proactive approach to monitoring has become necessary in many facilities.

While the Internet is a priceless tool for education, it is also harbors distracting activities which can hinder a student from learning or even cause physical danger. While students are surfing in the classroom, a teacher has the assumed responsibility of protecting them from the dangers of the Internet. Never before has there been an approach to monitor students with such ease and accuracy.

Net Orbit allows the teacher to sit at their own workstation and view the actual screens of up to one hundred computers in real time. This visual style of monitoring is a step up from traditional network monitoring software, which is restricted to the monitoring or controlling of a single computer at once. With simultaneous viewing the teacher can easily pinpoint problem students in seconds instead of hours.

This supervision tool installs on a classroom network in minutes. After installation the teacher brings up the application on their screen. There they will be able to view some or all computer screens on their desktop. When little Johnny decides to visit MySpace while the teacher isn’t looking, the teacher is actually seeing every move he makes. Once the teacher sees it they can take immediate action within the software.

Once Johnny’s screen shows MySpace, the teacher notices it immediately. The teacher can then lock Johnny’s PC, send him a message or even take full remote control of his workstation. This sort of instant action catches Johnny off guard and he will likely never visit MySpace or do anything else he’s not supposed to do while using a school computer. This adjusts his focus back to learning and doing his work to his fullest potential.

"The kids today are becoming smarter while the Internet is growing more dangerous.” says James Johns, CEO of Retina-X Studios, LLC. "Millions of students are surfing sites such as MySpace on school computer networks. This creates a major distraction and potential danger. Net Orbit allows educators to keep a bird’s eye view of their entire classroom or school. Problem individuals can be discovered and disciplined in a matter of seconds"

Supervision doesn’t stop at monitoring. Teachers can additionally perform a variety of commands on some or all computers with a single click. When the teacher needs the class’ attention, they can instantly lock all computers at once. This keeps the distraction of the computer to a minimum. Other instant commands include rebooting or shutting down or launching web sites or applications on the selected computers.

Net Orbit is also a real time remote control tool. The teacher can connect to any computer and actually use it on the teacher’s own screen. The mouse and keyboard activities of the teacher will be transferred to the student computer as if they were sitting in front of it. This allows teachers to show a student how to do something if they are confused. Other features included with the software include a built in chat program and file manager to share files.

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