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Make a New Life Resolution This Year

Get Organized in 2007 with These Top 5 Organizing Tips


Thousand Oaks, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/08/2007 --What is the one resolution that tops most lists every year? Yes, many wish for that extra weight loss and better health, but what most long for is more time with their family & friends. Time to enjoy life and connect with those they love the most. Quality time not spent doing or achieving, but loving and believing. What’s the best way to get this extra time? Simple, organizing your life, every aspect of it from your business to your home, to your car, to even the purse you carry. Spend less time searching and more time enjoying.

For over seventeen years, The Busy Woman Inc,, has been on a mission to help women organize. They relied on input from thousands of real women and spent years in the development of a product line that focuses on results. President, Susie Glennan, is an expert in this field and last month alone was featured in USA Today, Real Simple Magazine and KNX 1070 Radio. Her products also get national recognition and are currently featured in iVillage’s stuff they love. Glennan states, “If you're a busy woman you MUST stay organized and on top of every little detail in your day. You must learn to prioritize, take time to plan your day in advance, and schedule in free time. We based our entire Busy Woman line of products on enabling you to do just that.”

Glennan provides the following top 5 organizing tips for 2007:

1) Find the Right Daily Planner – Look for one that is right for you and your busy schedule and use it religiously. Everyone has different personalities and different tasks to accomplish so personalize it according to your needs. Always have your planner easily accessible. For example, keep it open on the passenger’s seat while driving and on a central counter or table at home.

2) Learn How To Use Your Planner for Best Results - There are many ways to schedule and plan in a daily planner. But because your brain functions in a rational order and focuses on the first appointment it sees, you should write things down in time order. Other planners have you schedule according to person, which makes you search for the first appointment of the day.

3) Schedule the Night Before - Block your time on your daily planner pages the night before. This will keep you from feeling hurried while writing out your schedule during the morning rush. Giving yourself the opportunity to plan your day in a focused, calm environment, without pressure will help you stay on target. Also, consider putting your planner on your nightstand in the evening. That way as things come to you during the night, you can easily write them down.

4) Schedule Travel Time - Most busy women/moms travel, whether for work or family functions. Schedule those trips and don’t forget to schedule not only the travel time, but also time to gather all the important items you need. Jot down those items in your daily planner and any other special things you might need. Then remember to check your planner right before you leave.

5) Use the right tools – Look throughout your home and office and locate areas that need to be organized. With the right tools, you can easily organize your office, living room (no more looking for the remote), kid’s room, bathroom, car, etc. Look to The Busy Woman website to fulfill all your organizing needs.

This year, you can keep those resolutions. Stop by The Busy Woman website at to find tips and articles, as well as a complete selection of daily planners and organizing tools. See how with the right tools, you can do it all.