AKS-Labs Released a Version 1.0 AKS Image Comparer

AKS Image Comparer a Windows NT/2000/XP utility designed to compare two images and find differences


Raleigh, NC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/19/2007 --AKS Image Comparer is a utility that allows comparing two .jpg files and show differences between two images. For instance, this tool allows to compare two versions of the same image, chart, diagram or scheme.

In version 1.0 was released the plain image comparison algorithm, that allows to compare images that have just a little changes. For instance, if some parts of the picture were deleted or added Image Comparer will find and highlight these differences with blocks or colors. It is so-called “by pixels” compare algorithm.

When Image Comparer will not be so efficient? If images were changed a lot, for instance, if image was rotated or if it was scanned with different options or there were a lot of modifications. In this case more complicated algorithms are needed.

Let’s try to compare two images where the actual pictures are moved relatively to each other. This is not a problem for Image Comparer, it will and highlight differences anyway.

AKS Image Comparer costs $14 for a single-user license. For more information and to download the evaluation version visit product website at http://www.comparesuite.com/solutions/image_comparer/image-comparer.htm

About the author: AKS-Labs is an producer and published of another compare-related utility called Compare Suite. Compare Suite tools allows to compare texts in various popular formats.