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Release of New Charlie Steel Western Anthology the SOUL GATHERERS: Thirteen Western Tales


Lincoln, MI -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/22/2020 --Condor Publishing is proud to debut a new Western anthology, THE SOUL GATHERERS: THIRTEEN WESTERN TALES, by Amazon Best-Seller Charlie Steel.

THE SOUL GATHERERS: THIRTEEN WESTERN TALES is a collection of thought-provoking fictitious Western tales by Southern Colorado author Charlie Steel. The Devil, Angels, and Spirits attempt to influence humans as they go about their daily lives. It is not a religious book; it is about people living the best way they know how on their pilgrimage to redemption or eternal damnation.


"THE SOUL GATHERERS: THIRTEEN WESTERN TALES presents thirteen short pieces by storyteller Charlie Steel and infuses Western themes with stories of faith and leading a good life, versus making choices that lead to wrongdoing and Hell. It's unusual to see Western themes paired with those of faith and redemption, yet each story succeeds in capturing powerful elements of both. This collection is outstanding."
- D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

"Charlie Steel has written a package of entertaining stories that capture the fear, loneliness, and desperation some individuals suffer while coping with living. Each encounter is laced with elements of humor, vindication, and promises of salvation—all with the unspoken hope of bringing Satan to his knees"

"This masterful cowboy storyteller captures the spirit of the Old West by conjuring spirits of the West in their timeless battles of Good versus Evil."
- Marta Keen Thompson, retired school librarian

"A book of delightful cowboy tales with a theological twist. They resonate with a traditional/open-minded love for both good long-held values and a taste for something different. It may very well begin a new genre!"
- Francyl Gawryn, Assoc. Pastor, Grace Community Church, Boulder City, NV

"Charlie Steel's campfire tales are a good read. At the core of all spiritual endeavor is the basic struggle of good vs. evil. This is a great collection for reflecting."
- The Rev. Lyons, MDiv, BS, OblSB, Nevada

About Charlie Steel
Charlie Steel, Tale-Weaver Extraordinaire, is a novelist and internationally published author of short stories. Steel credits the catalyst for his numerous books and hundreds of short stories to be the result of being a voracious reader, along with having worked at many varied and assorted occupations. Steel's work has been recognized and reviewed by various publications and organizations including Publisher's Weekly, Midwest Book Review, Western Fictioneers, and Western Writers of America. Steel holds five degrees including a Ph.D. He continues to read, research, and collect western literature. Steel lives on an isolated ranch at the base of Greenhorn Mountain, in Southern Colorado.

Condor Publishing Inc. is proud to be publishing this anthology. For the past 20 years, Condor Publishing, Inc. has earned a following for its children's and western books. This publisher's books are highly regarded and have a reputation for being clean, wholesome literature that can be read by readers of all ages.