Relieve Neck Pain and Correct Forward Head Posture with Neck Retrax


Toronto, ON -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/29/2018 --Anyone who's ever had a problem with neck pain because they sit at a desk all day may benefit from a new product that's been developed by Andrew Sakhrani, a licensed Strength and Conditioning Therapist and Athletic Therapist.

The Neck Retrax attaches to any door or pole and enables users to relax their neck by resting their head in the cradle. This helps relieve the stress that the forward head posture creates.

Neck Retrax uses the chin tuck exercise to strengthen the neck and back muscles. This pulls the back over the shoulders, correcting the posture. Customers can use the provided cradle from a standing or lying down position. The pull of the resistance bands helps relieve tension in the neck and vertebrae which improves blood circulation and relieves tension. Improving blood circulation provides oxygen to the nerves and muscles, relieving pain and improving motion.

From a standing position, customers would connect Neck Retrax to a door or railing, adjust the resistance for their needs, and place their head in the cradle. From a lying down position, they would connect the Neck Retrax and then lay down in it instead of standing up.

Everyone can enjoy the benefits the Neck Retrax provides, including bodybuilders and people who sit at desks or look at their cell phones all day. The forward head posture has become common among all these groups.

Licensed Strength and Conditioning Therapist Andrew Sakhrani created the Neck Retrax because he got tired of sending his patients home with manual neck exercises that had limited effectiveness. Combining the stand-up neck exercises with lay-down neck traction allowed Andrew to create the perfect combination of neck strengthening and stretching. This quickly and effectively relieved neck pain and improved poor posture.

Many people have benefited from the Neck Retrax already. Michelle J.says "I love the Neck Retrax for correcting forward head posture. Not only does it strengthen your neck muscles, but you can use it for traction too. That's awesome."

Bodybuilder Chantho Chimm says "Neck Retrax has been very useful in helping to strengthen the hard to reach muscles in my neck. The cold gel pack feels amazing in the neck cradle after a workout too."

The Neck Retrax will ship in August 2018; more information is available on Indiegogo:

Contributing to the crowdfunding campaign provides Andrew and his team with the funds they need to start manufacturing the Neck Retrax and shipping them to customers. Potential backers can contribute any amount. To receive the Neck Retrax, the smallest contribution amount is $59 Canadian dollars, or $46 American dollars.