Rellodi Launch Simplifies Sharing Tunes Between Platforms with a Streamlined Music Social Network

Thanks to a 23-year-old who “gets it,” social media goes utilitarian with a new simplistic approach to sharing music without having to switch between providers.


Kansas City, MO -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/03/2019 --New Kansas City-based tech startup, Rellodi has launched to typify what can now be called the unlimited potential of music sharing. Created to take the hassle out of sharing music between music providers like Apple Music and Spotify, the Rellodi app makes simplicity the thing. Redefining the process for both the consumer and the music industry, Rellodi allows users to find a song, create a post for their friends and followers, and then share it without a hitch. Creating communities that market music simply for the love of it, now exposure to music not typically found on Top Charts can be unearthed while still keeping Radio Hits on tap. It looks like the company's 23-year-old founder just helped music bust a new move.

Developed by a member of the USA Kickboxing and Karate Team who holds three world titles, Tyler Titus, the Founder and CEO of Rellodi, said of the mobile app launch, "This is straightforward access to music my friends and I always wanted. My goal is to have Rellodi be the one platform where everyone goes to either look for music or share songs they enjoy. Because the distribution of music should be about those who love it and the people they trust to tell them about it. It's just that simple."

So how does the new music windfall work? Each Rellodi post consists of the song title and artist name, a 30-second song sample, and a link to the song on either Apple Music or Spotify. If the receiver likes it, they can select "Play Now" and Rellodi will redirect them to their music subscription service to play the full song. They can go one further and create private groups, playlists, and captions to the songs they share. Not seen before, it's "your community beyond your provider."

Rellodi is available on iOS and Android.

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About Rellodi
Rellodi is based in Kansas City, Missouri and provides the marketplace with a music sharing app that enhances a community-based approach to disseminating information.

Tyler Titus
Founder & CEO, Rellodi


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