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Remembrance Day Everyday

Eco Gear urges every person to make Remembrance day everyday and to remember those who gave their lives and those who continue to put their lives at risk for our freedom


Toronto, Ontario -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/28/2010 -- Eco Gear, the brand for ecofriendly products introduced a new tee shirt today in support of war veterans. Aptly named “Fading Memories” the graphics show a faded image of the helmet,boot and rifle, an image synonymous with fallen soldiers. To add to the symbolism, the image is printed on the wearer’s left chest as a sign of heartfelt sincerity with the message “ I remember.”

While stories and news of war veterans was in headlines recently as part of the 65th anniversary of VE day, other headlines tell a different story of the Canadian government’s recent actions to reduce the benefits it pays to its war veterans.

The timing to introduce this shirt in August is purely coincidental, said Robert Hii, the manager of Eco Gear.” We have long wanted to make a tee shirt to honor those that gave their lives for our freedom today and to honor those who continue to risk their lives so that we may remain free. I have the freedom today for free speech and criticism without fear of being thrown in jail, freedom to protest injustice without fear of being shot down. Freedom to practise whatever religion I like. Freedom to a mixed race marriage. Little things that most of us take for granted especially if we were born in North America. We held off this shirt as it didn’t feel right to sell a shirt with such a heavy emotional attachment without it benefitting the war veterans somehow. We urge everyone that is thinking of buying a tee shirt today, to buy this shirt. Rather than wearing a shirt with some company’s logo splashed across it, make a statement about your freedom and help us make every day Remembrance Day.”

The company recently gained the support of a London,Ontario based veterans association, Remember November 11 whose mission is to help honour the heroes of Canada’s Armed Forces, educate people about their actions and help guide the country with a variety of ways to honour the fallen Canadian Soldier. The memories of what the war veterans did for us is slowly fading in our generation’s memories as less and less of WW11 vets attend Remembrance Day parades. Those memories will be gone for sure for the younger generations unless we go out and inform the kids of the sacrifices millions of men and women made for the freedom we enjoy today.

Incredible ecoGear Inc. is a Toronto based brand for ecofriendly products. In its third year in business, the company has consistently used its products to fundraise for a variety of non profit groups especially those in the environmental protection field.