RemindMeAt App Improves Its Features with Sharing Update That's Perfect for the Apple Watch

Giving the updated ability to share location tagged information the new RemindMeAt app does the thinking for its users just in time for the international Apple Watch launch.


Stockholm, Sweden -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/17/2015 --Created by a father who never wanted to forget his child's daycare door code again, the RemindMeAt app takes remembering to a whole new level. Known as "digital stickies" for a smartphone, the app lets users create a reminder note and tie it to a location. When they arrive, it sends them a note to remind them of things like shopping lists, door codes and the like. Enjoying a recent update, the reminder app now not only sends a widget to an iPhone it'll send a glance to an Apple Watch. It'll also share information across several addresses making keeping in touch with friends and co-workers the simplest thing ever. Leave it to technology to take the worry out of remembering.

On the market since January 3rd of this year, Mikael Löwgren, founder of GreenPanda said of RemindMeAt's updates, "The ability to share information is so key. If I'm having a party at my home and I have a door code I can just send a location tagged note to several friends. Thanks to this update, there's no more fishing for info standing at the door."

A place note, shopping list widget, and to-do glance, the RemindMeAt note sharing update uses an open XML called .RMAX. This enables co-workers and managers to share notes from an Excel spreadsheet also. This makes contact information and instructions for each customer location easily sent immediately via the app.

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About GreenPanda
Founded in 2015 by Mikael Löwgren in Stockholm, Sweden, GreenPanda is the developer of the RemindMeAt app. Löwgren partnered with the AppliKey Solutions team in the Ukraine to develop the checklist app. Working in tandem with the Apple Watch support team the app's updates were created for the international Apple Watch launch.

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