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Remodeling Is Becoming a Common Trend Amongst Older Homeowners

More and more elderly people are choosing to remodel rather than move.


Houston, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/04/2015 --Flip through the pages of most remodeling magazines, and it's likely that you'll see an array of people aging from babies to mid-30s. That's because for years, young people—and their families and children—have been the most likely group to want to remodel, usually in order to keep with trends. But a new report suggests that remodeling of the home is becoming more and more common amongst those ages 55 and above, but many homes still lack necessary accessibility for older adults.

The Study

The study detailing the upward trend in older adults seeking home renovations was conducted by the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University. Abbe Wille, a research analyst who worked on the report, said that the trend may be in part because older homeowners want to remain in their aging homes rather than moving out, making renovations a necessity. Another reason is the fact that there's a growing population of those over 55 years of age; in fact, the number of households in the United States with adults over the age of 65 will increase by 35 percent—roughly nine million—by the year 2020.

Accessibility Needs Prominent

For those who are part of the senior population, accessibility needs are of growing concern. Accessibility needs refer to the need for older adults to access areas like the kitchen, bathroom, or other home areas without assistance. Some things that have been done to make homes more accessible for those living within include: widening hallways (great for wheelchairs); changing entryways to no-step entrances; and placing the most necessary rooms—like a bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen—on the first floor rather than on second or third story landings.

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While some older adults are focusing on making their home easier to live in as they age by making things more accessible, other adults are focusing on the following:

-Increasing a home's value;
-Improving a home's energy efficiency; and
-Making a home more stylish.

To achieve the above, remodeling or renovations to kitchens, bathroom, living areas, bedrooms, master baths/bedrooms, and plumbing and electric systems are being made: http://www.uniquebuilderstx.com. Of course, many older homes need work on basic systems.

What to Do: Move or Renovate?

For younger people, moving is trendy and easy. For older adults, moving can be difficult. What's more, making a move after years' worth of memories in a home can be emotional. In order to combat the necessity of moving, making a home more accessible, less dated, more valuable, and more energy efficient is the way to go – and the method many people are choosing. Aging in place is here to stay!