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Remooable Fuel Is Revolutionizing Industrial Farming by Converting and Cleaning Hazardous Methane Into Clean Fuel

Live on Indiegogo, Remooable Fuel is a revolutionary new startup changing the way methane gas is used globally by converting it into clean, renewable transportation fuel.


Portsmouth, NH -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/23/2016 --Remooable Fuel, the revolutionary new startup changing the way methane gas is used globally by converting it into clean, renewable transportation fuel, is live on Indiegogo and raising funds to bring the project to life.

Remooable Fuel is on a mission to dramatically transform the industrial farming industry by converting and cleaning hazardous methane, a primary contribute to global greenhouse gas emissions, into sustainable Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) for cars or trucks.

"Remooable Fuel will not only help transform the way methane is handled, it will also help farms turn wasted energy into a predictable income stream," says Donald Livingston, Chief Remooer at Remooable Fuel. "With the help of our supporters, we will start a Net-Zero climate pollution farm movement with the installation of three Biogas cleaning systems in Wisconsin. There is no reason these systems can't be done all over the world"

Remooable Fuel has developed a proprietary technology that will enable small to medium sized dairy farms capture methane before it harms our atmosphere, and turn it into pure biomethane, a renewable transportation fuel. Using a revolutionary biogas cleaning system, farms partnering with Remooable Fuel can separate biogas using water as a solvent to absorb CO2 and hydrogen sulfide, both powerful contaminants. The result - pure BioMethane fuel and a happier, healthier, cleaner planet.

"Our technology is the best solution on the market because it's low cost makes it possible to deploy it to a very large number of farms that otherwise would not have the resources to have it." says Livingston, "The best solutions to environmental problems are solutions that are economically sustainable. The low cost of our technology will allow us to install a system on a dairy, at no cost to the farmer, and both we and the farmer will enjoy a profitable income stream while providing an important energy resource, Biomethane."

Remooable's technology has already been designed and engineered and is currently in the prototype phase with patents pending. The company has turned to global crowdfunding platform to Indiegogo and it seeking the public's help to bring the project to life.

Remooable's Fuel is now live and available to support on Indiegogo:

About Remooable Fuel
Remooable Fuel harvests and cleans agricultural biogas, an abundant and natural byproduct of dairy farms, and transforms it for use as a renewable transportation fuel. Our proprietary cleaning and transportation technology is revolutionizing the farm digester industry by creating a market for biogas.

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