Renier Kriek Starts Indiegogo Campaign to Start the Production of BOWRANGER Sight

With its revolutionary Range Aim Shoot Technology (RAS), BOWRANGER promises to be the most innovative Bow Sight ever created. Developer Crux Research CC is looking to raise €55,000 via Indiegogo to fund the initial production run of the Revolutionary BOWRANGER.


Brits, South Africa -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/04/2015 --Crux Research CC is a small development company with an impressive track record of developing high-quality products such as the CRAR-32 and GR40 sights for assault rifles and 40mm Grenade Launchers. The company has recently completed yet another brilliant development project in the form of the BOWRANGER bow sight. Crux claims that this product is capable of dramatically enhancing the precision of the hunter's shot placement. BOWRANGER enhances the precision of the hunter's shot placement and at the same time compensate for shooting angle (Adjusted Flight Technology), a functionality that no other comparable sight can offer. BOWRANGER measures all distances to a 0.5 yard accuracy, and displays the same using a bright OLED display.

The BOWRANGER Bow Hunting Sight has an integrated range finder unit that efficiently ranges out to 100 yards with 0.5 yard accuracy. Also, there are 64 vertical micro LED lights that acts as target aiming pins, factory aligned. With a Lithium Polymer battery, BOWRANGER can be charged from any 5v USB power supply. It takes around three hours to charge the battery, and it lasts for at least sixteen hours continuous use. The most extraordinary feature of the sight is, once it's calibrated the shooter only needs to Range-Aim-Shoot. BOWRANGER has the capability to allow calibration for different types of arrows at different distances. Therefore, it can establish the actual flight path parameters for the actual arrows. The users can calibrate up to ten different arrow types.

Some of the most important advantages of using BOWRANGER are

- Combines pin sights and rangefinder into one unit.
- Calibrates the trajectory of the specific arrow on the specific bow.
- Gives the correct sight marker at all ranges from my closest to maximum target automatically.
- Allows calibration of the trajectory of multiple arrow weights.
- Stores all of custom calibrations for future use.
- Eliminates guessing between pins for the correct sight marker.
- Calculates the true range automatically when shooting uphill or downhill.
- Can be programmed for multiple shooters.
- Reduces a shooters learning curve.
- Helps target shooters to be more accurate and hunters make more ethical shots.

About Crux Research CC
Crux Research CC has recently started a fundraising campaign via Indiegogo to support the initial production run of BOWRANGER. The funding goal of €55,000 will be spent to manufacture the first 500 unites of the BOWRANGER Bow Hunting Sight.

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