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"Rent & Grow Rich" Becomes Number One Best-Seller on Amazon in Sixteen Hours

Officially launched the first week of February “Rent & Grow Rich” by Mark and Anne Lackey tops Amazon’s Number One Best-Seller List overnight.


Atlanta, GA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/27/2014 --Outlining the benefits of investing in rental properties Mark and Anne Lackey’s book entitled, “Rent & Grow Rich: Guide to Passive Income Using Rental Real Estate” is turning heads on Amazon to say the very least. Launched on February 6th the investment strategy book topped the famous online marketplace’s best-seller list taking the number one position in a nominal sixteen hours. Giving their readership real estate education complete with useful strategies about how to obtain a steady stream of passive income, the book helps both new and seasoned investors achieve financial freedom.

Begun as a way to share their proven strategy of how they created a monthly five figure income to fund their retirement, the Lackeys’ informational rental real estate book retails on for $2.99. Offered as a Kindle version the book gives realistic ways to increase wealth via approachable step-by-step methods to generate income. Using their own approachable tone, successful with so many entrepreneurs nationwide who have benefitted from their personal coaching, the authors boil real estate investing down to a science; a science of well-thought-out intentions that are designed to take the fear out of investing in rental real estate. As one reader by the name of Ben Donahower states, “Just focusing on the money misses the emotional hurdle that you must jump over to become an investor. This book accounts for this truth and helps you navigate your fears of investing in rental properties right along with the financials.”

Readers of the number one best-seller on Amazon will come away with knowledge about the numerous types of passive income available in the real estate market and how to finance rental properties. The real estate investing book also tells readers how to set goals to fund a better lifestyle. Mark Lackey, Co-Author of “Rent & Grow Rich” said of the couple’s highly successful book, “Anne and I wanted to share our passion for real estate investing with as many people as we could. Amazon felt like the right venue to share the wealth of our experience and we were right. It proved to be the best place to give our own time-tested success tips and tricks that our readers will need to know once they launch out into this field. Make no mistake, rental real estate is fertile soil for building wealth.”

Caroline Mendez, another fan of “Rent & Grow Rich” says, “I’m grateful for this book because it clearly tells why and how to buy rental real estate and create a passive revenue stream. It makes it possible for all of us and lets us know how to get to the next step.” Not leaving a reader to their own devices entirely the book also incorporates an ongoing resource for real estate education. The Kindle book points to Mark and Anne Lackey’s website which has free investing strategies and useful tools for the procurement of wealth in the rental income marketplace.

About Mark and Anne Lackey
Mark and Anne Lackey are seasoned real estate professionals who share their expertise in real estate investing with students across the nation. While experienced in all aspects of real estate their passion is to help people use real estate to accomplish financial independence. The Lackeys are the authors of “Rent & Grow Rich: Guide to Passive Income Using Rental Real Estate” which became and Amazon best-seller overnight.

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