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Renzo Restaurant Management Group Launches Nightclub Security Education in San Jose Area

Identifying the need for safety training in restaurants and bars, Renzo Restaurant Management Group brings security education to the forefront. Responding to a recent shooting at a popular San Jose nightclub, CEO Gholam Ray Shafazand helps proprietors make their establishments safe.


Los Gatos, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/22/2015 --Since when should a patron have to dodge bullets when enjoying happy hour at a social gathering after work? Possibly nightlife has become an "enjoy at your own risk" proposition. Such was the case recently in San Jose when five people were wounded while attending an area nightclub. With adequate security measures and exceptional management practices the public's safety would be top of mind. Offering his expertise Gholam Ray Shafazand, CEO of Renzo Restaurant Group brings his services to restaurateurs overwhelmed by crowd control. His management and consulting firm helps bar owners run a safer business while optimizing profit at the same time.

Also seeking greater safety standards via city government, Shafazand sees business owners as the first cog in the wheel of change. By providing education that prevents violence in their businesses the owners of bars and nightclubs downtown San Jose will be assured increased profit. Unfortunately of late, entertainment permit, fire code, and ABC law violations jeopardize the future of the area. Currently venue owners and managers need to be trained to a higher degree and incorporate safety practices like never before. Shafazand suggests that the issuance of an alcohol and beverage license isn't enough to assure the public that the establishment has high safety standards. To that end, San Jose bar owners now have a reputable resource who knows what it's like to run a venue and has the resources to train staff expertly.

Shafazand adds, "I have extensive experience in this industry and I love it. Not only have I lived in the area for thirty years but I ran three of the most popular nightclubs in the downtown San Jose area. I understand fully what it takes to run a safe establishment. Building a nightclub or bar from the ground up takes expert knowledge across a lot of industries. It's a pleasure to be able to offer what I've learned in disciplines like design, menu and bar set up, compliance and safety measures. Then, it's rewarding to help with marketing so patrons will enjoy the place safely once it's open for business."

Helping proprietors build and manage restaurants, bars, and nightclubs Renzo Restaurant Group is something of a one-stop-shop resource. The company takes business owners from design, permits and lease negotiations all the way through to special training for front and back of the house staff. Their expertise is useful in project management from creating the business plan to construction and accounting. Renzo Restaurant Group will even provide financing.

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Renzo Restaurant Group is a consulting and management firm based in Northern California. The company assists restaurateurs and bar owners with everything from architectural design to house security. Meeting proprietor's needs at every level of operations Renzo Restaurant Group is available for all venues.

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