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Replace Risky and Low Successful Rate Surgeries by Adopting Radial and Harmless Herbal Therapy for Endometriosis, States Wuhan Dr. Lee's TCM Clinic

Traditional treatment – surgeries for women with endometriosis not only is risky but can only be adopted by only a few women. Lots of women have to suffer the endometriosis without effective treatment. But now, women with endometriosis can replace the risky and low successful rate surgeries with a newly approved radical and harmless herbal therapy named Fuyan pill.


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/22/2015 --"Endometriosis condition is a condition that is hardly to be eliminated by medicines. If the endometrium tissues cannot be removed totally, the existed tissues would reproduce and recover the healthy uterus." States Dr. Lee, "semi-conservative surgeries like ablation and laparoscopy, radical surgeries are frequently used endometriosis treatment and they have some effective in treating endometriosis. However, due to the features of endometriosis, predictable severe side effects can be produced after surgeries.

The semi-conservative surgery treats endometriosis and preserves the ovary at the same time. But it risks a really high recurrent rate. The repeated surgeries after recurrence finally result in a hysterectomy, depriving one of becoming a mother forever. Moreover, women with severe endometriosis might also have to remove the whole uterus, because cells of the endometrium grow into the muscular walls of the uterus.

"However, Fuyan pill has no such problems and can be applied by all women with endometriosis. Fuyan pill is a different treatment for endometriosis from surgeries." According to Dr. Lee, "It treats endometriosis radically and harmlessly."

In traditional Chinese medicine, there isn't a disease called endometriosis. But according to the clinical manifestations, endometriosis is the condition of dysmenorrhea and infertility which is known by herbalist. According to Chang Chong-Jing's Synopsis of Prescriptions of the Golden Chamber, he believes that stasis is the fundamental pathogenesis of this disease. So to treat this disease, promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis is the key point.

Fuyan pill radically cures endometriosis without any harm. All of the ingredients of Fuyan pill are from plants and by adding different herbs in, needed functions of Fuyan pill can be highlighted and useless functions can be weakened and be neutralized. Therefore, with the effects of promoting blood circulation, removing inflammation, eliminating pathogens and clearing heat, women with endometriosis can get a total cure by taking Fuyan pill. And as long as the patients can keep a good living habit after the treatment, the relapse rate can also be decreased and maintained under the ratio of 10%. Here is an article about how Fuyan pill radically treats endometriosis:


In addition to the amazing functions that mentioned above, Fuyan pill also has so many other advantages that surgeries that don't have. Women who want to take Fuyan pill do not have to worry about the pain caused by surgeries, the postoperative infection and complications like infertility and so on. Fuyan pill treats the illness naturally and harmlessly.

"So far, Fuyan pill has helped many women with endometriosis and some other gynecological diseases. It has been proved very effective." added Dr. Lee from Wuhan Dr. Lee's TCM clinic. "I am so glad that my herbal medicine can help so many women with endometriosis be healthy again."

"I have good news today." According to Lisa, a lay from USA, "I have completed my 4 months medication of Fuyan pill last week. With this, i have scheduled a visit to my OB-Gyne today and my ultrasound done this afternoon and yes my hydrosalpinx and endometriosis are gone! Even my OB-Gyne had a hard time believing that this really is happening, but with the ultrasound result as proof my hydrosalpinx and endometriosis really disappeared without the laparoscopic procedure."

About Dr.Lee Xiaoping and fuyan pill
Dr. Lee Xiaoping is the chief TCM physician of Wuhan Dr. Lee's TCM Clinic. With thirty-year experience, high sense of responsibility and serious working style, Dr. Lee has become one of the most renowned herbalist doctors in Hubei Province, China. Depending on the scientific research, Dr. Lee absorbed the essence of the ancient prescription, and summed up Fuyan Pill which has noticeable effects in treating endometriosis. This herbal medicine has been patented by SIPO (State Intellectual Property Office of the P.R.C) with the application number 201110031968.