RepsHunter Launched to Bridge the Gap Between High-Tech B2B Companies and Reps They Need Globally

Creating and managing rep networks for industrial companies determined to bolster their global sales force, RepsHunter launches to a ready marketplace. Providing their clients with a comprehensive way to build and reach goals, the new company takes global, regional, and local sales opportunity management to a whole new level.


Barcelona, Spain -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/07/2017 --Helping business to business high-tech companies expand their internationalization capacity, RepsHunter announces their official launch. Making business development in Latin America for high-tech manufacturers at low risk, the new company translates cultural differences into sales. How so? With strategies in tow, RepHunter does an in-depth analysis of reps, determines the market potential of regions or countries set for expansion, and scales the revenue gap.

Capably optimizing new streams of revenue, RepsHunter does just what its name infers. They find and manage reps who can scale business expansion with actionable sales plans that optimize bottom lines. Via three services, the company removes inefficiencies so that a highly-functioning network of reps can highlight an organization's best assets.

To that end, the Reps Network Creation feature provides B2B industrial companies with a streamlined five-step process for selecting representatives. To do that, RepsHunter takes into consideration technical requirements, market studies, and the company's overall strategy.

The platform's secondary feature, the Reps Strategic Alignment creates a high-performance reps network based on the current representatives and strategy, making a global or regional sales plan. To make that sales plan realized, it's then turned into local actions that can be practically facilitated by the reps. They will define targeted industrial sectors, research the market to calculate size and make long-term strategic partners among other advantages.

Lastly, Reps Management gives reps access to a long-term relationship with sales and technical support. This helps them manage their sales opportunities, generate leads, and do local marketing with knowledgeable foresight and enthusiasm.

Carlos E. Torres, the founder of RepsHunter, said of his company's mission, "We honor the fact that every organization has a delicate working system of its own. A system whereby numerous employees, collaborators, customers, and owners take action daily to enhance the culture of the company. But, they have to work in harmony and adapt to emerging technology to hold the keys to success in sales. Our strategies take into account the context, people, and situations in each country or region so they can be on point to achieve every goal set."

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About RepsHunter
RepsHunter is an innovative business model born at Harvard Business School during the Strategy Course project part of the General Management Program. Officially launched in April of 2017, RepsHunter is now part of the Citilab, an innovation center in Barcelona, Spain. They are slated to open an office in South Florida in 2018.

About Carlos E. Torres
RepsHunter owner and director, Carlos E. Torres is a mechanical engineer, master in science mechatronics and Harvard Business School alumnus. He has experience as a field engineer and as a sales and service team manager.

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