Reputation Changer LLC Offers Brand Enhancement Services to Businesses of All Kinds

A new article at the Business 2 Community blog suggests that a business’ reputation has never been more important—a sentiment with which readily agrees.


West Chester, PA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/21/2012 --According to a recent blog post from the Business 2 Community blog, the reputation of a company or an individual has never been more important than it is now, in the Age of Google. The article notes that, thanks to the heavy use of online search engines among today’s consumers, as well as the easy-access information provided by social media sites, “it is now much easier for [entrepreneurs] to build their own business brand reputation, spread their own messages and connect with a much wider audience.” The article has captured the attention of, one of the world’s leading reputation management agencies. The company has responded with a new press statement, from its CEO Cliff Stein.

“What this article is talking about, most fundamentally, is online brand enhancement,” Stein explains. “In a nutshell, brand enhancement is all about the idea that businesses can use the power of the Internet to project themselves in a positive light, to set themselves up as the brand of choice among consumers. In this day and age, brand enhancement could not prove more important. Consumers are continually migrating toward Google and online review sites to obtain information about brands, products, and services. As such, what they find out about a company on the Web could either make or break that company.”

Stein is quick to note that offers a variety of brand enhancement services, something that may come as a surprise to some. “People know that we are an online reputation management agency, and as such, they think our work is devoted solely to helping companies combat negative reviews or suppress unwanted online listings,” he says. “That is certainly a large component of the approach, but there are other, more positive and proactive measures we can take, as well.”

Continues Stein, “What we do on behalf of our business clients goes well beyond the suppression of unwanted Google listings. We also work to inundate the Web with content that highlights the very positive attributes that the company possesses. The bottom line is that we want to ensure that, when a potential consumer searches for the company’s name online, the information he or she finds makes the company look desirable and appealing.”

According to Stein, these brand enhancement services provide businesses with the competitive edge that they need. “Because times are tough, and Internet access is so universal, consumers are spending more and more time researching brands online, and using Web-based information to inform their purchasing decisions,” the executive notes. “If a consumer searches for your brand on Google and Bing, and is not completely won over by the content found there, it is the easiest thing in the world for that consumer to keep looking, and to move on to a competitor of yours. That is why developing a strong online profile is so essential for businesses.” has rendered its brand enhancement services to a myriad of businesses. “We began by offering our services to direct response marketers, but of course, things have significantly expanded since then,” muses Stein. “ has lent its services to Fortune 500 brands and to small business start-ups. In addition, we have provided brand enhancement services to medical and dental practices, to law offices, to colleges and universities, and more.”

Stein concludes by saying that the positive effects of online brand enhancement are manifold. “Business that use our services often find themselves experiencing dramatic increases in sales or conversion rates,” he says. “They get more clients, they get fewer complaints, and they ultimately take pride in knowing that they have a sterling online reputation.”

Considered by many to be the world’s #1 reputation management and defense firm, was founded in 2009 by a team of online marketing veterans. Before long, the team was joined by SEO and social media experts, as well as account executives and content developers, all united by a vision for helping individuals and companies improve their image on the Internet. has provided its services to companies of all kinds, as well as to private citizens and to political figures.