Requitix Prepares for Crowdsale on October 16th

Requitix Crowdsale Starts October 16th.


Belize City, Belize -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/16/2017 --Requitix prepares launch of Crowdsale: Beginning on Monday October 16th 2017, Requitix will launch the pre-sale of the RQX token to further the development of the Requitix solution with its four key components, comprised of trusted reviews, Scammer/Spammer protection, zero charge-backs and a merchant transaction fee of 0.5 percent.

For more information and prior press releases, you are encouraged to visit which has extensive details on the upcoming Crowdsale, bounties, merchant promotions, bonus token offering and much more. In addition to the details of the Requitix Token (RQX), information about the integration of the trusted reviews and scammer/spammer protection, which form the Requitix Confidence System, are more fully explained on the site.

A key recent development and offering announced by Requitix, is an early participant incentive that has an increased bonus of 500 additional RQX tokens per ETH, which will be issued to all purchasers completing orders during the first 7-days of the pre-sale. This is over and above the current pre-sale rate of 2000-RQX per ETH, and as confirmed in the Smart Contract, purchasing Requitix Tokens (RQX) will be available at the rate of 1200 RQX per 1-ETH during the regular sale.

This limited promotional period is designed to energize and share the excitement that the entire Requitix team has for the new RQX Token and the Requitix System. Tom Boyle, CEO of Requitix explains - "This is part of our strategic plan and design, to rapidly expand the distribution and use of the RQX token and accelerate the formalization of RQX on an Exchange."

As discussed in the whitepaper, Requitix has taken on the mission to deliver a superior payment processing solution, with a key differentiator that creates a 'Token of Trust' by engaging the Requitix Confidence System. Use of RQX as a method of payment, allows access to a processing solution that minimizes fraudulent actions by both the consumer and the merchant. This is all built upon the proven Ethereum blockchain which Requitix combines with analytics to stop scammers, spammers and chargebacks for ecommerce site owners, lowers their transaction fees to just ½-percent (0.5%), and affords both the merchant and the consumer the trust that a Requitix review is authentic and trusted.

Requitix has also announced a significant advantage for the first 250 Merchants that register to accept RQX tokens as an optional payment method. Throughout the entire beta period and up through the initial release of the payment gateway system, all early adopters of the Requitix merchant solution will have Zero (0%) processing fees for the first six months of the initial production release of the Requitix solution.

All merchant transactions using the RQX token as payment will see zero merchant transaction fees during the promotion period, and still have the protections and value of the entire Requitix system, including scammer/spammer protections, qualified reviews, and of course, zero chargebacks – And Merchant can visit to register and find more details.

Requitix is a new trusted token and confidence system built on the Ethereum blockchain.

For additional assistance, journalists, investors and analysts may contact the Requitix communications team via: