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Resistance NY Motor Cycle Club Leader Sits Down with Mahvrick Executives About Signing Band After Earth

Jason Carson Leader of the Resistance Motor Cycle Club with in New York organized a sit down meeting with After Earth and Mahvrick Executives to discuss a series of Rock shows in the Utica, NY region.


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/29/2014 --Mahvrick announced the together with After Earth's management, the President of Resistance MC NY and Mahvrick will do a series of shows with independent rock bands then end with a performance with a major act. That night After Earth closed an amazing show at the Piccolo night club in Utica New York. Other bands that performed Prelude the Ruin, Tribal Law, Flesuoy Llik. After Earth, a Utica based rock band signed a marketing deal with Mahvrick then requested a face to face with their manager Jason Carson who is also the Leader of the Resistance Motorcycle Club NY. Lead singer of After Earth Damon Koscinski, wanted to take the band in a slightly different direction after shooting scenes in NYC. The meeting lead into sorting out a music video to a series of shows with other major regional acts.

Prior to the meeting, Mahee engaged Carlos Stephens to work on the band's single "Henchmen" was mixed by multi-platinum producer "Clos Beats", from Beats by the Pound. Beats by the Pound has worked on video games, 53 Albums with Master P, movie sound tracks and artists from Snoop Dogg to now After Earth. In 1998 they reached over 248 million dollars in revenue as a production entity under Spiral and label under No Limit.

Mahvrick wanted to focus the "Henchmen" video on a US Soldier, Greg Metcalf one of the guitarist in After Earth recently retired from the Air Force and had conversations through Mahvrick about teaming up with Wounded Warriors Band drummer and founder Paul Delacerda. Damon wanted Move On the be the song for the artistic video focused on soldiers with PTSD and wounded from war. "After a long week of hanging up on each other and complaining, I got a call from Damon at 8:30AM in the morning. I was in Philadelphia about to head to Atlanta. Damon, asked that I meet with his new management and work through this. We did." says Rich Mahee, Mahvrick. Mahvrick met up with the entire band (Damon-Vocals Mike-Lead Guitar Greg-Rhythm Guitar Lou-Rhythm Guitar Billy-Bass Sal-Drums), and its management to discuss the series of shows for 2014 summer.

Jason Carson laid out his terms while sitting with an associate Resistance Bike Club members in tattoos and big rings on his hands. "Rich and Jason saw eye to eye, which will make this project a lot easier. They plan on doing a series of shows together with regional Utica artists and a few major acts this summer. Rich has done this before with Corey Glover, Vernon Reid, Doug Wimbish, Muzz Skillings and Will Calhun and rock band Living Colour," says Pramo Virk, Mahvrick United Kingdom. "What I see here is the next wave of ICP, Nine Inch Nails (Nothing Records) trends. Bands like After Earth are so amazing..." says Heather Brown, also a Tribal Law Fan. After Earth is currently casting for a commercial that will air in regional markets during the MTV Music Awards on august 24th.

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