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Restoration Companies Can Properly Neutralize Smoke Odor


Philadelphia, PA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/14/2017 --A property owners' worst nightmare is a fire. A fire can swiftly destroy everything the business or homeowner worked so hard to build. Thankfully, not all fires are catastrophic and many times a fire can be contained without causing too much damage. Unfortunately, a side effect of small flare-ups is the lingering smell of smoke.

Once the fire has cleared there will be a strong odor left in the property. What's worse is that the longer the property owner waits to clean the property, the longer the smell will linger. Smoke and ash soak into the furniture, walls, ceilings and floor covering, which may cause the property to smell longer than the property owner desires.

Therefore, it is important to remediate a fire (no matter how small it is). Steps a homeowner can take following a fire to neutralize the smoke odor are simple. Once the fire has been extinguished it is important to ventilate the house as quickly as possible. After ventilation, open the doors and windows to navigate the smoke out of the property. The property owner must make sure to turn off any HVAC systems to avoid further spreading the smell of smoke. Property owners' can also rent industrial negative air scrubbers and shop vacs. The negative air scrubbers are used to direct the smell out of the property and the shop vac is a more efficient way to clean soot than a normal household vacuum cleaner.

A property owner can take the first steps mitigating a fire loss, but will eventually need the help of professionals. An IICRC restoration company needs to be called immediately after a fire. A mitigation company in Bristol, PA will bill your insurance company directly and no money comes out of the property owner's pocket. Restoration companies are usually certified and state licensed. They know the proper techniques to remove smoke odor. Typically, a restoration company will use thermal fogging or ozone treatments to remove the odor. Thermal fogging and ozone treatments are unique treatments that attack the odor at the molecular level. An ozone treatment sends an electrical current through the oxygen, which removes the smoky odor. Thermal fogging is similar, except this technique generates fine particles and is used to infiltrate the small pores of affected materials. A Morrisville, PA restoration company will also vacuum and clean every part of the property to ensure soot doesn't stick to your walls or furniture.

Individuals interested in hiring an established fire and smoke restoration company in the Bucks County, Montgomery County, and Camden County areas can contact First Choice Restoration by visiting their website or by speaking with a customer service representative by calling 800-370-0770. Let First Choice Restoration, be your first choice!

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