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Retail Is Getting Smarter: Evolving a Retail Store with Smart Retail Solutions


San Diego, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/10/2019 --Through the use of smart retail solutions, brick-and-mortar stores are learning how to compete with e-commerce giants such as Amazon. Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology monitors customer activity in real-time, giving managers the ability to nurture leads more effectively.

Even though retail stores haven't physically changed much over the years, radical changes have occurred internally because of digital technology. Today's technology identifies buyers through their smartphone, making it easier for the retailer to provide personalized customer service.

Using smart store analytics, retail stores can improve customer engagement and customer experience by sending the right sales associate to the correct location at the right time. This the cornerstone of the smart store business model. Using smart technology to improve customer experience is a winning strategy to enhance customer loyalty and increase sales.

Making a Store Smarter
Accommodating consumer demands for new shopping experiences that give deeper insights into products, also known as engagement marketing, has become a retail trend. The key to making retail smarter is to connect all store and consumer touchpoints so that real-time monitoring is possible. The more the store engages with the customer, the more data is generated.

One way to win a consumers' heart is by offering a coupon via their smartphone. Retailers can deliver dynamic, customized content – a targeted relevant promotion – and encourage customers to interact immediately. Having access to real-time actionable data gives a store a competitive edge over others who aren't using smart technology.

Shopping Experience Matters
Memorable shopping experiences make for better conversions in a physical store. Retailers using real-time data can analyze the shopper's journey and study this data to determine how to increase sales.

One of the reasons shoppers still go to brick-and-mortar stores is because of the high-touch shopping experiences; the ability to see and touch products, the interaction between associate and shopper, an inspirational interactive shopping environment. Those shopping experiences make stores the best conversion tools. Smart retail solutions are part of or support the customer engagement – add to the high-touch shopping arsenal - and help retailers improve the customer shopping experience.

Improving the Shopping Experience with FastSensor

The more retailers get insights into what their customers want, the more they can craft more relevant experiences. FastSensor's software provides important information on consumer behaviors from engagement to purchasing patterns. It is useful for decision-makers in adjusting marketing campaigns.

FastSensor is powered by artificial intelligence (AI), which allows immediate access to consumer insights. It tracks indoor consumer behavior and provides instant data such as heatmaps and conversions, which is displayed on a user-friendly dashboard. What makes it revolutionary is FastSensor can identify unique and qualified visitors. It does not require the customer to opt into the platform or download anything on their smartphone.

Retailers must pay attention to the needs of shoppers since alternatives are just a click away. FastSensor is powerful and reliable technology for real-time customer searches. Contact us now to learn more about how our smart retail solutions can give your business up to the moment of customer feedback.

About FastSensor
FastSensor, the first AI-powered, people tracking solution for indoor venues, delivers real-time customer behavior insights that drive more on-site engagement and sales. Requiring no opt-ins or downloads, FastSensor's AI platform tracks and analyzes customer behavior in indoor spaces and reports back key metrics like engagement, loyalty, traffic heatmaps, dwell time, and conversion. Accessed through a simple, browser-based dashboard, FastSensor data measures buying behaviors along the customer journey to improve ROI. Like web analytics improve the e-commerce buying process, FastSensor can be used to improve the customer experience, layout, and proximity-based promotions across all physical venues in real-time. The technology unveils customer behavior patterns and locates qualified leads so retailers and event organizers can analyze their marketing campaigns, cost of acquisition, and the return on investment. Founded in 2013, FastSensor is a Delaware company with offices in California. The company has served major retail brands, event organizers, stadiums, and dealerships.