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Retail Solutions Advisors Launches New Dynamic Website

Retail Solutions Advisors is excited to present its new and improved website to its clients and the commercial real estate industry.


Lakeland, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/21/2015 --Retail Solutions Advisors LLC (RSA) is proud to announce its new website. Retail Solutions Advisors serves property owners throughout the state of Florida. The new website was created to ameliorate the user's online experience when learning about Retail Solutions Advisors services and properties. There is a new and improved user experience design, an abundance of helpful information and all sorts of other improvements made to better connect with our current clients as well as our potential clients.

One of the best aspects of the new Retail Solutions Advisors website is its improved "searchability". Visitors are now able to search for certain phrases or keywords with ease thanks to the redesigned search box. Clients are invited to search the new website for whatever sort of services or real estate information that piques their interest. Whether it is property management in Florida, Retail Solutions Advisors services, shopping center leasing or any other property management related matters, it can now be quickly and easily found on the new Retail Solutions Advisors website.

Users of the new website will also now be able to view very helpful interactive maps on specific property pages. These maps will present a much more accurate context to properties. They serve to provide the website with more depth and will vastly improve user engagement. Retail Solutions Advisors believes that the presence of interactive maps has the potential to revolutionize each web surfer's user experience on the website. It's a feature that many competitors lack and clients will absolutely adore.

The website also features a brand new pull down style for property type menus. This feature will help website users find exactly the types of properties they are looking for. It will decrease the amount of time that is necessary to view a property and also bring searchers to their desired properties in a timely manner.

About The new Retail Solutions Advisors website
The new Retail Solutions Advisors website is best characterized as dynamic. The entire design has been overhauled to greatly improve each user's online experience. Various aspects of the website can even be described as interactive. You can do much more than merely point and click. There are easy searches, navigable maps, a helpful commercial real estate blog from real estate brokers in Florida and so much more.

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