Retown Emerges to Be the Best Urban Design Firm

Beautiful and functional urban spaces that are also sustainable are the need of the hour. To achieve this, the best urban design and planning companies must be hired for the job.


Chicago, IL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/02/2018 --Retown is a company specializing in urban renewal and design services. As urban design consultants and developers, they are involved in sectors as diverse as real estate planning, building, and investment. With a highly integrated and dedicated team of talented investors, planners and builders, they aim to revitalize cities and towns across the country. Their innovative approach towards the subject of urban renewal and design has three distinct stages – Rethink, Reinvest and Rebuild. These phases help the company achieve a thoughtful and comprehensive model for redesigning and renovating cities and towns to make them more in tune with the ever-changing modern world.

Despite being a modern and cutting-edge, urban design firm Retown truly believes that the core essence or the soul of every city and town is its community. The opportunities and challenges faced by every single community are unique and therefore, requires customized and well thought out solutions designed uniquely for that community. Retown aims to preserve the integrity of every town, city or locality that it redesigns while also providing the community with an improved quality of life. Therefore, they create a master-plan that would reflect the basic yet vital considerations of urban design and planning – the harmonious coexistence of residents and businesses, the complementing of buildings with parks and fields, maintaining the balance of economic growth and sustainability, etc.

The company has extensive experience in turning designs and plans into reality by securing the necessary funds. Retown partners regularly with the public and private sectors to achieve their goals and implement their designs. They have successfully secured tax credits and grants while also negotiating excellent TIF redevelopment agreements. These investments help create retail centers, office buildings, multi-unit apartments, parks, industrial centers, neighborhoods and transit-oriented developments. All of this also facilitates the creation of jobs and revenue.

To avail the services of the best urban designers or senior housing consultants one should call Retown at 708-442-4545 as soon as possible.

About Retown
Retown is an urban renewal and designing company employing the best designers, planners, architects and builders. They aim to create better and more sustainable urban spaces.