Retro Gaming System Will Enable Gamers to Enjoy the Classic CD and Cartridge Games of the 1990s


Philadelphia, PA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/19/2017 --A retro CD game console has been designed to enable gaming fans to easily and instantly revisit and play original games from gaming consoles and systems from the 1990s. Seedi has been developed to be compatible with CD console games, ROMs, and cartridge games. With built-in Wifi and Bluetooth, Seedi acts as a network optical drive to help preserve discs. It presents users with their gaming collection in a beautiful interface, and also acts as a multimedia player for CDs and DVDs.

Seedi, which is pronounced like 'CD' and represents the 'seed' that was planted when the revolutionary wave of CD games emerged in the 1990s, runs on open-source software and is described as the 'ultimate emulator'.

With adaptors in some cases, Seedi will be compatible with games from the following: PlayStation 1; Sega CD; TurboGrafx CD; Neo Geo CD; NES; Sega Genesis; Game Boy; Atari 2600; Neo Geo; TurboGrafx-16; PC adventure games; DOS Games requiring a 386 processor or below; and more (some systems require a BIOS file or digital copy of the operating system software).

Usually, when a user wants to play a game from one of these old consoles or systems, it involves purchasing digital versions, ripping CDs, figuring out ways to play them using the technology available, and then storing and maintaining all the hardware needed. Seedi makes it simple and straightforward to enjoy all the classics and incorporates techniques to automatically correct issues surrounding the visual quality of older games.

Seedi is operated with wireless Bluetooth controllers, original system controllers, or any USB controller such as a wired Xbox 360 controller.

Features include:

32 GBs of local storage or option to plug in a USB drive for additional storage.
Use Seedi to stream online video and to listen to audio CDs or DVD-Audio discs.
Control Seedi with a phone - use the phone app as a keyboard.
Can accommodate up to eight controllers.
Compatible with USB adaptors enabling users to connect PS1 controllers (sold separately).
Connect an existing mouse or keyboard, wired or Bluetooth.
Add a Retrode adaptor to play cartridge games.
Use Seedi as a CD/DVD burner for laptop or tablet devices.

"There is something magical about those CD cases from the 1990s; holding them in your hands, paging through the manual, your fingers pressing out the disc or cartridge with anticipation," said Bryan Barnes of Seedi. "Now, gamers can revel in the nostalgia of those days. Seedi breathes new life into those classic games and enables players to enjoy them on their modern TV."

The team behind Seedi have launched the console on Indiegogo and more information can be found on the following pages: