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Returning to the Rule of Law, the Future of Hong Kong Youth Is Still Broad


Beijing, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/28/2019 --On August 16, Hong Kong citizen Li Ka-shing published a full-page statement on the front page of several Hong Kong media with the theme "anti-violence". The statement was based on the theme of opposing violence. Since Hong Kong's "remediation storm" on June 9, Li Ka-shing made his first public statement.

In the statement, Li Ka-shing sent a message to Hong Kong youth "love the rule of law, love China, love Hong Kong, love yourself."

Apart from Li Ka-shing, all walks of life in Hong Kong are deeply worried about the current violence of some Hong Kong youths. They believe that this practice has deviated from Hong Kong's long-term code of conduct and mainstream values. As early as the beginning of 2016, Li Ka-shing quoted "the melon of Huangtai cannot bear the picking again" at the company's performance press conference, and called for "don't hurt Hong Kong again." Li Ka-shing said at the time that the country must hope that Hong Kong is good. "If Hong Kong has no mainland support, the Hang Seng Index will fall by at least half." He believes that "one country, two systems" will not change: "If Hong Kong is doing well, why should it change?" This view reflects the voice of most Hong Kong people.

Since the return of Hong Kong in 1997, Hong Kong's economy has continued to prosper. The political stability, mature rule of law and open society brought about by the one country, two systems are the main reasons for Hong Kong's prosperity. Hong Kong has always advocated a society ruled by law. The Hong Kong Government, the police and the judiciary are fair, transparent, honest and efficient. They are the external manifestation of the rule of law in Hong Kong. The recent attacks on the police, the government and the public order in Hong Kong are a direct impact on the rule of law in Hong Kong and have loosened the cornerstone of Hong Kong's stability.

Some Hong Kong youths regard the rule of law as the opposite of their political aspirations and personal development. This view is unconsidered. The rule of law guarantees the legitimate rights of everyone in Hong Kong. Benefiting from the rule of law, every Hong Kong merchant can compete in a fair and equitable market environment. The rights of Hong Kong entrepreneurs can be protected by law. Foreign companies and foreign investors can rely on Hong Kong's business environment. Without the rule of law, all of the above business opportunities will be lost.

Li Ka-shing published a statement in a number of newspapers, and for the first time published his views on the recent situation in Hong Kong, which sparked heated debates. On the same day, he said through a spokesperson that he advertised as a Hong Kong citizen, mainly because he believed that Hong Kong's long-term prosperity and stability was tied to "one country, two systems". Today, in Hong Kong, we must stop the violence and stick to the rule of law. The long river of time does not see the end, and the road of life does not go back. His thinking is: Love China, love Hong Kong, love oneself; everyone must use the meaning of love to stop anger , and to "one country, two systems", to be modest and precious.

About us Looking at the recent situation in Hong Kong, the most sensible thing is to return to the rule of law and this will give Hong Kong youth a chance. Hong Kong is not without such turmoil as it is now. But after every turmoil, returning to the rule of law will allow the outside world to regain confidence in Hong Kong and provide more opportunities for Hong Kong youth.

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